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PTSA Events

Among the different efforts the PTSA has undertaken so far to promote further unity within BIC are:

  • The creation, production, selling and distribution of the annual BIC Yearbook
  • Holiday Fairs
  • Career Related Events for Upperclassmen
  • Parental Coffee Mornings - a meet and greet for both parents and BIC staff
  • Provide welcoming and explanatory information to new students and their families arriving to BIC and who are perhaps attending a British based school for the first time.
  • Producing a Teacher Appreciation Day complete with a full breakfast and lunch for all the teachers and staff prepared and donated by many of the more ‘talented in the kitchen’ parents - and teachers!
  • Organising sports competitions - both within BIC and against other local schools
  • Harnessing the varied talents of parents to benefit the school, the community and the students - including translation services, extra-curricular volunteerism, community resourcing
  • Organising parent volunteers
  • Providing information about the island of Mallorca and helping to settle in new members of the BIC community