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We would like to share some of the kind words which have been said about the school:

"It is a shame that we found the BIC only last year, as you have been able to lead my family. We have always been very happy with the vision of the school and the values that [our children] have learnt during this time."
Parents of a past pupil
"We were very impressed by your school the attitude towards life in the 21st century the pupils the teachers the entire atmosphere. We are convinced that our daughter will be able to grow up happy and protected in such a surrounding."
Parents of a prospective pupil

Excerpts from letters from teachers and pupils at the Lycee Francais de Palma following an exchange day:

"Just a few lines to tell you how grateful we are here at the French school for helping us make the exchange possible as well as for the remarkable attention you granted us throughout our visit."
"Undoubtedly the experience was worthwhile for both our pupils and yours alike."
"The pupils have insisted on writing to you to say thank you."
Visiting Teacher
"...thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn about cricket and for the warm welcome"
Visiting Pupils
"We are grateful to ... the school administration for the flexibility to respond to a pupil's individual needs."
Secondary school parent
"Staff and pupils are relaxed and friendly with each other; the school feels like a big, friendly family."
Former pupil
"This is the first school parents' evening where the teachers have known the details of my son's progress without needing to consult any notes."
Secondary school parent
"There is a genuine interest in, and concern for, each individual pupil."
Primary school parent