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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all pupils enrolled at Baleares International College.

He/she/they will be subject to the code of discipline and expected form of behaviour as determined by the Principal of the school. Pupils will be given regular reminders about expected norms of behaviour.

We, as parents, agree to take full responsibility for payment of school fees in accordance with payment requirements. We understand that failure to pay school fees by the required date shall result in the school withdrawing the place for our child/children.

We will notify the school of any intention to leave the school one full term in advance and this will be in writing. We understand that failure to do this gives the school the right to charge one term’s fees in lieu of notice.

We will ensure that our child/children attend school punctually and will participate in all sessions school is opened unless illness prevents this. Attendance may include events/sporting/extra-curricular activities outside normal school times but the school will notify us in advance of such activities. We will inform the school immediately by telephone of any absence. Any request for leave of absence from school must be put in writing for consideration by the Principal.

We agree to attend meetings at the school to discuss any issues regarding the care, welfare and education of our child/children. The school will give notice in advance of such requested meetings.

We agree to support the school dress code and ensure that our child/children attend school in a clean and tidy manner. Hair should be kept tidy at all times and no extremes of hairstyles shall be allowed. The Principal's decision on this is final.

We agree to keep the school informed of any change in address or contact details in case an emergency contact needs to be made.

If my child is to be picked up at school, we agree to let the school know the names of approved people to collect my child/children.

In the event of an emergency at school e.g. accident, we understand the school will do its utmost to contact us. However, if emergency treatment is needed and we cannot be contacted, then we agree to allow the Principal or her representative to arrange emergency medical treatment.

Whilst the school acknowledges its responsibilities and duty of care for children during school hours and out of school activities, we understand that the school cannot accept responsibility or liability for injury to or loss or damage to the possessions of our child/children whilst at school or on other school activities unless the school is found to be clearly negligent in its duties.

We understand that the school reserves the right to remove a pupil with immediate effect if a child is guilty of activities or behaviour which would constitute serious misconduct.

We agree that the school's current and future publicity materials may include photographs of our children. If parents do not wish their child's photograph to appear they must inform the Principal in writing of their wishes.

We have disclosed all relevant medical information on the school medical information form and agree to inform the school if my child/children’s medical condition changes.