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Sixth Form Careers and Guidance

As part of our 6th Form ‘Careers & Guidance’ programme we are once again looking for parents from a variety of backgrounds to come into school to talk to our year 12 and 13 students about careers and life after school. Over the last few years we have had a wide range of talented individuals speaking about a variety of careers, including physiotherapy, tourism, veterinary science, entrepreneurship, shipping and trade and many more. The pupils all agreed that these talks were very worthwhile as they gained a valuable insight into many different careers paths. 

Due to the great success of this initiative, I would like to invite anyone who would be interested in sharing their experience and expertise with our sixth form pupils. In particular, we are looking for people to come and speak to our pupils who have experience in the following fields of work:

 Banking, Finance & Business Property Development 
 Nautical Industry Law
 The Medical Profession Information Technology
 Veterinary Science Entertainment and the Arts
 Travel & tourism  

If you would be willing to come into school to share your knowledge and expertise with our Sixth Form pupils, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. This would only take 45 minutes out of your day (Tuesday, 09.00 – 09.45) but it would prove highly beneficial and hopefully motivational for our older pupils. Please feel free to contact me again even if you have already given a talk, as it will be the first time our year 12 pupils have experienced this initiative.