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Sixth Form

The SIXTH FORM (Age 16 – 18 years) Year 12 and Year 13

In the Sixth Form students are prepared for the Advanced Levels and Advanced Level Subsidiary examinations. In this Curriculum Guide for the Sixth Form we deliberately address ourselves to the students themselves. We hope their parents will join with them in this exploration of the opportunities and challenges offered by the Advanced Levels course.

The success of these two years in the Sixth Form depends greatly on a full and close partnership between all three, school, parents and the student.

To be an Advanced Level student is very special and it is a vital step forward on your path to university.

The essential skills to be a successful A Level student are independence and clarity of thought, intellectual curiosity, enthusiastic and effective study habits and the ability to plan and to implement. You also have to have a well-developed sense of responsibility for yourself and for others.

Your parents and your teachers will actively be your guides and partners in this stimulating two year Sixth Form course that brings the best out of mature students. It prepares you for global citizenship and leadership. Do not hesitate to involve them in your studies, seek and share advice and concerns. Let your parents and teachers join you in your quest for the leaning adventure that is the Advanced Level programme.

One reassuring fact is that success in your Advanced Level subjects is recognised as the best pre-university course leading to university entrance worldwide. The reason why major universities place such a high value on the possession of Advanced Levels is that it proves to them that you have the intellectual ability, work ethic, and depth of knowledge to complete successfully your first degree university course. Your education will have been deep not shallow, tailored to your enthusiasms but rigorous.

You also have the opportunity to take subjects at Advanced Subsidiary Level, roughly valued at half a full A level. This gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skill base by taking two or three AS levels in addition to your three full A levels.

Normally students have the opportunity to study English, Spanish, German, French, Maths, Business Studies, ICT, Art (University of Cambridge Examination Board for Art), Physics and Biology.

All the courses are taught in English except the language courses, which are taught in the language studied. Competence in English is a prerequisite for success in the A Level programme. It shows that you have the fluency in written and spoken English to meet the demands of your undergraduate university course right from the start.

You will have lots of opportunities for working with others as members of a team. The programme provides the vital skills of research and the confidence to evaluate, and the opportunity for risk taking and reflection. It creates adults who are aware of their responsibilities and rigorous in their academic work.

The curriculum and the externally assessed examinations are the responsibility of the Edexcel Examination based in the UK.

During your two years in the Sixth Form your teachers will report to you and your parents about your progress in your A levels. On the basis of these reports you will be able to take decisions regarding your priorities and your individual course of studies. The school will provide you with the environment and help you need to reach your full potential.

At Baleares International School you have the learning facilities, resources and above all the teachers necessary for you to succeed. The secrets of that success are your enthusiasm, your work ethic and your commitment. You will find the Advanced Level courses stimulating and rewarding, leading you to wider horizons and new goals at university and beyond.