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September News

This was the motto of the children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 when, together with their parents took part in a Sponsored Walk around the school grounds and running track.

The event was attended was attended by members of the Calvia Rotary Club who awarded each child with a medal for their achievements. Mrs. Beckett, Vice- Principal and Head of Primary School was presented with a shield in recognition of the amount raised in 2013.

This event is now becoming an annual occurrence at the Baleares International College and one that is enjoyed by all.

On Wednesday September 23rd, the Principal, Mr. Duncan Giles officially welcomed all new parents to the school as well as those who are new to the Secondary Department.

Our grounds provided a beautiful backdrop for parents and teachers to meet and mingle over a glass of wine and a canapé or two on a warm September’s evening.

The event is designed to be an opportunity for social interaction to take place away from the formal setting of the classroom environment, strengthening the community bonds between school and home.

It was wonderful to see so many parents attend and we thank them, for the continued support they offer the school.

Special mention should go to the Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects who ably assisted during the evening. Eric Nusser - a musician of some distinction in Year 10 - entertained guests with his playing of the piano.

We hope all who attended enjoyed the evening and we look forward to more events like these in the coming months.


STAFFING NOTICES at Baleares International College

We are very happy to inform you that a new teacher of Catalan, Miss. Marta Maimó, has been appointed for the Secondary department. Marta is a graduate in ‘Filologia Catalana’ from the Universitat des Illes Baleares and has the necessary Masters degree to teach the local Key Stage 5 equivalent. In addition to this she is a member of the local CREC education team in nearby Santa Ponsa.

Marta is fluent is Catalan, Spanish and English; having spent over a year as an ‘Erasmus student’ at the University of Sheffield. I am sure all members of the Baleares International College community will join us in welcoming Marta to the school and wishing her the very best for this academic year and beyond.

As new members of staff arrive, we regrettably bid farewell to others. Miss. Belen Gonzalez has decided to return to her native Valladolid and continue her teaching career in the Spanish system. As from 24th September, her lessons will be taken by the Head of Department; Mrs. Chris Lakeland supported by Miss. Sam Shelley and Mr. Robert Clark.

The school aims to appoint a new Science teacher as soon as possible and will make sure that the quality of the teaching and learning remains unaffected. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

Baleares International College

(Back row L-R: Martin, Victor, Mohit, Philip, Max and Sahil)
(Front row L-R: Julie, Rohit, Soraya and Arpita)

The school is very proud to present the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and the team of Prefects for the 2015/16 Academic Year.

Head Boy: Rohit Aswani Lalchandani
Head Girl: Soraya Grosso
Deputy Head Boy: Mohit Rajender Daswani
Year 12 Prefects
Arpita Aidasani
Victor Firu
Julie Meier Mattern
Phillip Speckert 
Year 13 Prefects
Maximilian Huelser
Sahil Mirchandani
Martin Popov

Principal, Mr. Duncan Giles with Head Boy; Rohit Lalchandani and Head Girl; Soraya Grosso

These are extremely important senior leadership positions amongst our student body and the prefects will be expected to carry out a number of duties and responsibilities throughout the year. We will expect our prefects to behave as role models for all BIC students, to assist the staff in the day-to-day running of the school, take responsibility for the Sixth Form Common Room and to attend important school events.

We trust our prefects will enjoy their roles and approach their duties with zeal, firm in the knowledge that they are ambassadors for the Baleares International College.



On Friday 25th September we are holding a coffee morning for all parents, teachers and friends in memory of our former Principal Mrs. Glynis Mitchell and our gardener Mr. Andrew Beckett.

The event will take place between 9.00am and 11.00 am in front of the school by the main entrance. The car park by roundabout ( former Aqualand) will remain open for the duration of coffee morning.
Coffee and cakes will be provided and donations collected, the proceeds of which will be given to local cancer charities and other organisations. As a school we feel that these charities have had an extremely important role to play in the lives of not only our remembered colleagues but also current members of staff.
We look forward to welcoming you to the school on that day and supporting this worthy cause.

Further information on these organisations can be found at:

Examination Results


At Baleares International College we are always pleased to celebrate the achievements of our international student body and share those successes with you. We are very pleased to build and improve on results year on year. In June 2015, our students in Year 11 entered over 15 subjects at IGCSE level whilst our Sixth Form students’ examination range stretched over 11 subjects. We are happy to inform that we have had a 10% increase in Year 11 students obtaining grade A* - C in more than 5 subjects.


In Year 11, our students enter IGCSE examinations with the majority of subjects taken through the Cambridge International Examination Board. Whilst grades A* to G are available, most employers and higher education institutions only take account of Higher Grade passes which are defined as Grade C or above. These grades are an indicator of overall success and are a requirement for entry into our Sixth Form.


Students enter GCE Advanced Level and International Advanced Level examinations during Year 12 and 13; these examinations are used by universities as one of the international standards for university entrance. On the basis of these results, places on particular courses will be offered to students.


Current Year 12 students follow the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) course; in turn they would then choose to continue their studies to the full A Level in Year 13.


2015 Results


% of students passing with grades A*-A 24%
% of students passing with grades A*-B 52%
% of students passing with grades A*-C 81%
Overall pass rate 99%

Advanced Level

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

% of students passing with grades A –B 45%
% of students passing with grades A-E 74%

GCE Advanced Level

% of students passing with grades A - B 33%
% of students passing with grades A – E 86%

These results could only have been achieved by experienced teachers working with relatively small groups of well-motivated students who enjoy the splendid support of families who really value education.

Bookworm Book Day - 25th September 2015


The Bookworm is holding a book day on the 25 September at the college premises. Should you wish to request a particular book, it must be ordered no later than 16th September.

Please contact Lieschen at:
The Bookworm, 32 Paseo del Mar, PalmaNova
Opposite MacDonalds next door to PalmNova Gardens Restaurant
Telephone: 971 682 325


PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME - 4th September 2015

The new Principal, Mr. Duncan Giles, opened the new academic year on Friday 4th September with a morning assembly for all students - from the youngest to the oldest; Early Years to Year 13.

Mr. Giles also congratulated the new Year 12 on their GCSE examination success and stressed his belief that this year results will continue to be of a very high standard. Students were told to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Baleares International College has seen over 75 students join this year from at least 17 different countries and the Principal extended his welcome to all, as he did to the 3 new members of staff: Miss Herrero, Early Years; Miss Hodgson, Year 6 and Mr. Fielding, English. The school is also very happy to welcome back Miss Taylor, Miss Vince and Miss Glock to their respective classes.

Students were reminded of the high expectations placed upon them with regards behaviour and conduct and Mr. Giles concluded by wishing them all the very best for this new academic year.

On behalf of Baleares International College, we would like to extend this welcome to all the new families who have chosen the school for their sons and daughters.

Upon conclusion, Vice Principal and Head of Secondary, Mr. John Birch reiterated the exam success and Miss Nadia Brelade, the Enrichment Programme Coordinator explained the exciting new arrangements in place for this year leading up to the Secondary school production in the Summer Term.