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Posted: 19-09-2016


BELIEVE you can do anything; INSPIRE others to do their best; CHALLENGE is something that pushes you forward.



Students in Laura Hodgson's Year 6 class as they took part in a workshop to determine what the school motto, 'Believe, Inspire, Challenge' means to them. These were not on the only interpretations and below is a summary of how these young learners came to understand these three key words:



Believe: I believe I can be a good student; Believe that you can do things that you think that you can't; I believe in achieving my goals; I believe you can do anything.

Inspire: My family inspires me; What inspires me are my teachers and my family;
Someone inspires you to come on; To inspire other people to do other things.



Challenge; My teacher always challenges us because she believes that we can do better that we usually do; Do as much as you can and a bit more; I feel pretty good when I'm challenged; Challenge is something that pushes you forward.

You should challenge yourself to do something because if you succeed it feels amazing.​



Posted: 19-09-2016


​Finally, the school was proud to welcome Mr. Kevin McNeany to the school. As Orbital Executive Chairman, Mr McNeany has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the BIC schools on the island. Over the course of 3 days, he was able to visit the site in San Agustin, welcome Ms Lowri Millar to the school and visit Sa Porrassa Principal, Mr. Duncan Giles. Time was spent in the classroom, interacting with students and exploring site expansion opportunities. ​






Posted: 09-09-2016

The Principal, Mr Duncan Giles, opened the new academic year on Monday September 5th with a whole school assembly. Students from Year 1 to 13 were present - Early Years were in their classrooms with parents and class teachers.

Mr: Giles congratulated Year 12 students on their exam success and shared with them his hoped for continued improvements on the academic outcomes of all student. 
Baleares International College has seen over 115 students start this year and the school is now operating at capacity.

The Principal also extended his welcome to the new members of staff joining this year, 7 new teachers join the teaching staff:

Miss Roberts (Year 4)
Miss Barlow (2nd in Science) 
Miss Fry (English) 
Mr Hughes (Music) 
Mr Moore (Head of Mathematics)
Mr Thompson (Head of English)
Mr Weiss (German)

The school is also happy to welcome Ms Conway on her work experience year as she prepares to embark on her post graduate studies in education.

Students were reminded of the high expectations placed upon them and news of the many upcoming events in the school calendar was shared with them, most notable of these were the 60th Anniversary of the school in September 2017 and the introduction of new school uniform at the same time.

On behalf of Baleares International College we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all members of the school community. Welcome Back!




Posted: 09-09-2016

On Friday 2nd September the school welcomed all those new families starting at BIC. With over 115 new students enrolled for this ear, the new academic year promises to be one of the busiest in BIC's almost 60 year history.


Students making the transfer from Primary to secondary where also invited and in a very full dining hall, school Principal, Mr Giles thanked parents for having chosen the school and did his best to allay any concerns the new students may be having.

The morning ended with all arrivals spending time with their class and form tutors, familiarising themselves with their new surroundings. Despite the intense heat, a enjoyable time was had by all and everyone left enthusiastic about the start of term the following Monday.



Posted: 09-09-2016


​The days before the start of the new academic year are always a good opportunity of school staff to come together and prepare the year ahead. These INSET days are an invaluable tool to assess examination results, prepare schemes of work and finalise lesson and classroom preparation. They also offer an opportunity to galvanize staff and this September saw colleagues from BIC San Agustin and BIC Sa Porrassa meet to work on developing the school's mission statement; BELIEVE INSPIRE CHALLENGE. Key to the exercise was thinking how these three words can be applied to the classroom and how they inform our teaching.


The end result was wholly positive and the school is clear on its purpose to ensure that students BELIEVE int themselves, their ability and their potential. The school must also believe in them and make sure they believe in us. It is our job to INSPIRE students; INSPIRE them to have dreams, goals and ambitions and provide them with the means to realise them. Students must CHALLENGE expectations and we must CHALLENGE them through the work we set and the standards we expect them to adhere to.


Students will also be keen participants in this activity and in the coming weeks, pupils across all age groups in both school will have the op`opportunity to decide what these key words mean to them.