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Baleares international college - sant agusti

Baleares International College is located in a newly refurbished campus in the high quality residential environment of Sant Agusti on the south coast of Mallorca, very close to the capital, Palma.  The school has a capacity for 120 pupils from 3 to 11 years of age. 

The unique feature of the Baleares International College is the fact that the school is British owned, British managed and has British teachers.

The Baleares International College is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education based upon inspection by the British HMI and is a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) and Council of British International Schools (COBIS).  We follow the British National Curriculum and all our teachers are trained in the UK.

Baleares International College has excellent facilities for Primary age children including large, brightly lit and well equipped classrooms as well as specialist facilities such as the library, music and art rooms. Information Technology is catered for by the use of Chromebooks throughout the school. There is plenty of safe play space on campus and each age group has its own area. There is also a spacious dining room with views out to sea.  We use the local Sports Centre for swimming lessons.

We have two dedicated language rooms focusing on Spanish, Catalan and German.  We also offer after school clubs for Mandarin and French.

At the Baleares International College, we celebrate each pupil’s achievements on a daily basis. We offer a wide range of educational experiences within high quality learning environments that enables all pupils to achieve academic success.

The school's family values are built on respect and consideration of one another in a productive, caring environment, supported by highly qualified and dedicated teachers.

We aim to create a stimulating and caring environment which enables all pupils to reach their potential and by doing so, develop the skills and confidence needed for a fulfilling life.