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PTSA Overview

The PTSA was created at BIC as a facilitating entity dedicated to promoting school spirit and a strong sense of unity and community within the school . Its primary goal is to create a shared BIC platform of affinity, utilising the cooperative efforts of the school parents, teachers, administration and the students themselves. Through the development, sponsorship, organisation and production of a variety of school related events and activities; the PTSA defines and promotes a shared and very positive school identity for all.

As BIC is truly an international school with a student body comprised of many varied nationalities with differing languages, customs, experiences and cultural traditions; the PTSA is also an ambassadorial group fostering a communal understanding of current school policies and aiding in the expectations of all involved. In addition to helping parents with basic cultural and language clarification, the PTSA aims to create a bond between the distinctly diverse nationalities present in the matriculating families that make up the often varied school community.

By definition, the PTSA is an association of volunteers from all of the various groups that comprise the BIC community. It is open to all and has at its very core the goal to further the education and activities of our children throughout a very positive school experience. The welfare and interest of our children and the entire school community being the core focus for the association.

We welcome the efforts of all involved and suggestions are eagerly expected. We have found our school parents to be an involved and hands on group eager to pitch in on projects and to go above and beyond expectations.

We look forward to a great year in 2015-2016.