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PTSA Banquet

The BIC PTSA organised a delicious lunch to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. Lunch was a fabulous selection of dishes from around the world, from starters to desserts, all donated by BIC parents. Teachers were able to sample dishes from Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Denmark, America, South Africa and Brazil.

As well as the chance to try such an amazing array of international cuisine, it was also a perfect opportunity for staff and parents to get to know each other. The lunch was not only organised by the PTSA but they went to great lengths to make sure that everyone was catered for and well looked after.

A huge thank you goes out from all of the staff, to parents and the PTSA, for yet another very successful Teacher Appreciation Day. The staff at BIC really appreciate the efforts made by both parents and the PTSA to provide them with such a fantastic lunch and are already looking forward to next year’s Teacher Appreciation Day.