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Pupils from Nursery to Year 6 took great delight in coming to school dressed in their frightening Halloween costumes, which each year seem to get more and more adventurous. Many lessons were Halloween based, as pupils read their own spooky stories, sang and played scary Halloween songs and even prepared their own scrumptious Halloween snacks.

A wonderful night was had by children in Years 5 to 8, in what turned out to be one of the best ever Halloween discos, seeing over a hundred scary characters returning to school to dance the night away and have fun with friends in a more informal setting. The disco was organised by the Helping Hands Charity Group, comprising pupils from Years 10 to 13 and led by Mrs Pauline Coley, who has been a driving force in promoting charity events at BIC for many years. DJ Fernando, assisted by Mr David Green, did a wonderful job in keeping everyone entertained and the crowd under control, encouraging children to visit the popular Horror Chamber.

The proceeds will go to Dr Stoma’s worthy Mediterranea Charity, which helps many poor children and families near and far.


On Wednesday 21st October, students in the Sixth Form visited the British Education Fair as organised by the British Council accompanied by the Head Of Sixth From, Mr. David Anderson and Year 13, Frau Dittard. Representatives from over 30 British universities were attending, many from prestige institutions such as University College London, Imperial College, King’s College London or the University of Reading. Also present was UCAS – the University and Colleges Admission Service. The universities and organisations present were able to answer the many questions our students had and assist in their course selection and preparation of a successful UCAS application.


The United Kingdom attracts over 500,000 international students each year and over 9,000 from Spain alone. Students value the top-quality teaching, innovative methodology and opportunities for research that all institutions promote.

Studying in the UK will provide students with the opportunity to become more independent, to explore their own creativity and become truly international.

We hope that our Baleares International College students found the experience enriching and inspired them towards academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education.

Further information of British universities, the courses and application can be found at:

BUT…..there also need to be some time to play, and whilst in the city, students were able to enjoy some of the sights Barcelona has to offer.

Bookworm Book Day - 23rd October 2015

The Bookworm is holding a book day on the 23rd October at the college premises.
The Bookworm, 32 Paseo del Mar, PalmaNova
Opposite MacDonalds next door to PalmNova Gardens Restaurant
Telephone: 971 682 325


Posted: 20-10-2015

It is amazing how unpredictable life can be.
You start off with a basic train of thought, you have a dream, and you want to achieve it by using whatever possible aid you have around you to manage and thrive until one moment, poof, your dreams are gone. That's what Jason Taylor , head of Fizz Benefits, taught the year 12 and 13 students of BIC.
Originally wanting to become an aircraft engineer, Mr Taylor changed his mind and joined the army with his As and Bs turned into Ds and Es in less than the span of a year, and to top it all off, he found himself one day with kidney failure while exploring the Thai jungles with his regiment. Thank you, jungles of Thailand.
Needless to say, his life took a turn for the worst.
But he didn't give up. He survived, improved, adapted all at the cost of discarding his dreams of being a pilot engineer. He left the army, soon finding himself as a IT specialist working for Microsoft. Years of military drills and routine gave him discipline, while boredom gave him ambition. He is now living a happy life, with a happy family and an awesome job.
And what's the lesson the students learned? Apart from having to smile, dress accordingly, be punctual and have polished shoes ( first thing people notice) , they must manage. Life is random, we rarely have the luxury to choose our own fate. We must make the most out of what we have . We shouldn't give up!
"Enjoy yourself while you can. Employment will ruin you!" remarked Mr Taylor.

Written by Martin Popov (Year 13)

Posted: 13-10-2015

Pupils in the Sixth Form classes were fortunate to welcome Mr. Pedro-Luis Olivier for a brief talk about his career in private financial banking. He spoke about his current position at the second biggest Swiss bank firm and how he entered the field of banking through his Business Administration course at university. He also elaborated on the meanings of the different segments of banking, which are Corporate Institutional, Retail and Private.
Towards the end of his presentation, he held an interesting question and answer session, where the students asked various questions about his profession, helping them to gain a better understanding and insight into how demanding and rewarding the world of banking can be. On behalf of the entire Sixth Form, we would like to thank Mr Pedro-Luis Olivier for taking his time to speak to us.

Posted: 13-10-2015

There was a buzz of excitement among both pupils and teachers at BIC when the famed author Mr Julian Clary visited pupils in the Primary School to read excerpts from his wonderfully creative children’s novel; The Bolds.
Mr Clary is no newcomer to the island, as his sister has lived in Mallorca for many years, with her children attending the school and now her grandchildren, Mr Clary’s great nephews and niece, continuing this tradition. Mr Clary is a well known comedian, entertainer and novelist, who is a popular favourite on British television programmes. He did a great job in engaging his audience as he read exciting bits of his novel, leaving the story on a cliffhanger to try and encourage children to read the story for themselves. He concluded his presentation by signing copies of his book as wonderful mementoes of his visit to school.

Posted: 09-10-2015

The Parent-Teacher School Association held a very successful Coffee Morning on Tuesday 5th October. Many thanks to all who were able to attend and to the two representatives, Mrs Paula Cannady and Ms Jane Veronis for the time and effort put into organising the event. The PTSA was created as a facilitating entity dedicated to promoting the school spirit and a strong sense of unity and community with the school. Its primary goal is to create a shared BIC platform of affinity, using the cooperative efforts of the school parents, teachers, administration and the students themselves. Through the development, sponsorship, organisation and production of a variety of school related events and activities; the PTSA defines and promotes a very positive school identity for all.


As BIC is a truly international school with a student body comprised of many varied nationalities with differing languages, customs, experiences and cultural traditions; the PTSA is also an ambassadorial group fostering a communal understanding of school related matters. The PTSA and the Principal meet on a regular basis and work together towards developing and improving the school experience of students, parents and teachers alike.
Please do contact the PTSA Chair, Mrs Paula Cannady if you wish to become a member and support an invaluable school partner. [email protected] [email protected]

The PTSA would like to invite all parents to a coffee morning to be held on Tuesday 6th October at 09.00 by the main entrance to the school.
Please come and find out more, meet new members and see how they can help you and BIC. Everyone is welcome.
For any further information, please contact the PTSA through their Chairperson, Ms Paula Cannady: [email protected]

Whilst it is commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette of France there is no record of this phrase ever having been said by her. Nevertheless, it is a fitting description for a wonderful coffee and cake morning enjoyed by parents and teachers on Friday 25th September.

Organised in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research, a plethora of cakes, muffins, biscuits, and flapjacks brought out the sweet tooth in us all. From a New York Cheesecake to the local ensaimada; there was something for everyone.
Many thanks to all the parents and staff who so kindly donated their time and efforts to this worthy cause and to all who were able to attend, over 500€ was raised that morning. Special mention for Ms Kirsty Beckett whose initiative and hard work were instrumental in the good running of the event.