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Posted: 27-11-15

While one group of KS3 pupils visited the Aquarium in Palma, the others were lucky enough to have 

a day out to explore the fascinating Cuidad de las Ciencias in Valencia, which involved a very early morning flight from Palma Airport. The students visited the Aquarium, participated in the dolphin show, watched a film in the Imax Cinema and all in all had a great day out, learning lots and spending a day in a new environment.

Here is what two of the pupils had to say:-

“In the Aquarium we saw some belugas, which are half dolphin and half whale, with the biggest one weighing up to 1,400 kg! There was a dolphin show and Bennie was lucky enough to pat one! We also saw sharks and did you know that swordfish are members of the shark family! Thank you to Mrs Coley for making this super trip possible,” by Elsa.

“Our trip to Valencia was a great fun, with the attraction of the day being in the Science museum, which was a game where players had to make their minds go blank and move a ball as far as possible with their minds, which was easier said than done! We all really enjoyed our trip and hopefully we will have more in the future!” by Anastasia


After these exciting days out, the School Principal, Mr Duncan Giles was very happy to learn that pupils from Baleares International College were excellent ambassadors for the school; well behaved, well mannered and respectful of their surroundings and fellow visitors.


Posted: 27-11-15


Pupils from KS3, in Years 7, 8 and 9, had a great day out at our amazing Palma Aquarium and here is what Monishka in Year 8 had to say about the trip:-


“We saw a wide variety of marine life, including the Aurelia Aurita, more commonly known as the moon jellyfish, which can be found in the Red Sea. Palma Aquarium houses the deepest shark tank in Europe and they even glide along over your head!



Palma Aquarium takes really good care of all its sea creatures and have been involved in rescuing a number of marine animals, which is a very important part of conservation.”


Posted: 27-11-15

The children from Year 3D spent an exciting and energetic morning at Jungle Parc Junior in glorious autumnal sunshine.

Some of the children were new to aerial activity and a little nervous to begin with, but as they progressed around the course of rope and plank bridges, slides, rope spiders webs and swings, they gained confidence, with the young staff always available to guide when things became a bit difficult. The parents that came along to help were amazed at the agility with which most of the children climbed around the trees and dealt with the heights. It was a great chance for the children to put their muscles to work and work together as teams.

Posted: 18-11-15


Pupils from Years 1 and 2 travelled back in time to see what life was like 200 years ago when they visited Els Calderers, an old 'posesión' mallorquin; a house that used to belong to an aristocratic family. They learnt that even little children were expected to work as they saw a large old wine barrel that had a little window in and which small children were placed inside in order to clean it!


They also saw a boar's head, pistols and cannons, learnt how ladies and men had separate living rooms and saw some of the products produced in the land by old farm machinery.



After the visit they met the animals living there including pigs, goats, sheep and cows and enjoyed feeding them and being outdoors in the sunshine.


“I liked drawing pictures of the old things in my book,” by Aveline
“I enjoyed looking at the old things in the house, because there was lots to see,” by Pavan
“I liked the animals. I really liked the goats,” by Luis.


Posted: 18-11-15


In Mallorca, we are very privileged to have our wonderful Orquestra Sinfonica, who have just started their season of concerts at the Auditorium in Palma- Some primary pupils from BIC were lucky enough to attend the rehearsal for their most recent concert.


Listening to live music and seeing professional musicians playing their instruments is an important part of a child’s education and the children were amazed at the vast range of instruments used and how they all managed to combine so well as an ensemble. Besides enjoying the orchestra, they were able to listen to the amazing voice of Lisa Larssen, a famous soprano singer from Sweden and at the end of the concert, the guest director, Mr Martin Haselbock and Lisa Larssen even came to answer any questions.

“There were so many different kinds of instruments that looked so cool!” by Kai
“I loved the singing and it was sometimes loud and sometimes quiet,” by Matz
“I really enjoyed the music by the orchestra and I never got bored,” by Sanja
“The conductor moved his whole body like a wriggling caterpillar!” by Cosima


After the concert, the pupils had their lunch in Par de Mar under the shadow of magnificent cathedral, before returning to school after a very memorable day out.


Posted: 18-11-15


Pupils from Year 4B and 4U, accompanied by their teachers, Mrs Bakes and Miss Upton, had a historic outing exploring the Roman remains in Alcudia. They have been learning lots about the Romans in class, but were astonished to discover even more on their trip. Here is what some of the children had to say:-

“ I enjoyed learning that if they had a statue of their king and he dies, they would chop the head off and put a new one on!” by Nico.
“The ruins were gigantic and I liked the theatre the most,” by Florian.
“ I found out that when the Romans went to the theatre, they would throw rotten eggs if the show was bad!” by Taiya.
“My favourite fact was that Roman slaves lived and slept in the kitchen,” by Leon.
“I learned that in the theatre, the rich people sat at the front and if you were married or had children you sat in the middle, while all other people sat at the back,” by Rebecca.

The pupils certainly had a good day out… and learned a lot in the process.


Posted: 17-11-15

Baleares International College would like to extend its support to the residents of Paris and the French nation as a whole. We are truly horrified by the atrocities that took place last Friday and send our heartfelt condolences to all those who lost loved ones. 

‘The events in Paris are the worst act of violence in France since the Second World War. The worst terrorist attack in Europe for a decade. A horrifying and sickening attack.’
David Cameron, British Prime Minister. 

As a school we take pride in our international student body and work towards tolerance, understanding and respect of the many cultures, faiths and creeds found within our community.

Posted: 17-11-15

We would like to welcome Lauren Payet to Baleares International College. Lauren will be working in the Main School Reception Area over the next few weeks whilst Paula moves into the Finance Office, assisting with procurement duties and site management. Please join us in wishing Lauren a very warm welcome.

[email protected]

Bookworm Book Day - 20th November 2015

The Bookworm is holding a book day on Friday, 20th November at the BIC Sa Porrassa College premises.

The Bookworm, 32 Paseo del Mar, PalmaNova
Opposite MacDonalds next door to PalmNova Gardens Restaurant
Telephone: 971 682 325

Posted: 17-11-15

As a community, we are continually reviewing our security procedures and will in the coming days roll-out the following measures:

  • Access to the school site will be from 0830 onwards with the main sliding gate shut at 0905. The same gate will re-open at 1530 until 1630.
  • All entry points to the main school building will be on a timed lock and access will be through the Main Office ONLY. 
  •  All staff and visitors will be expected to wear identification badges whilst on the school premises.

We are confident that all members of the school community will be supportive of these measures, which are designed to protect the well-being of our students and ensure that the high standards of teaching and learning taking place in our classrooms continue unhindered.


Baleares International College is very proud to support the Royal British Legion during the ‘Poppy Appeal’ campaign. The poppies are used to symbolise the loss of life during the First World War and were inspired by the writing of Canadian poet, John Mcrae:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.


The Royal British Legion spends £1.6 million a week providing practical, emotional and financial support to the Armed Forces community. Whilst this is the main purpose of the appeal, the campaign is also a timely reminder of the horrors of war and the loss of life; civilian and military - irrespective of nationality, race or creed. The values the appeal holds are especially important in an international community like ours.

Donations can be made in the School Office and poppies will be available to parents, staff, pupils and friends of the school as from Friday October 30th

More information on the Poppy Appeal and the excellent work carried out by the RBL can be found at: