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May 2016

Posted: 31-05-2016



An annual event at BIC for the last 15 years has been to welcome an examiner from England to examine pupils for their music exams. BIC is a centre for these AB exams and each year up to as many as 14 children from school overcome their nerves to perform their pieces and scales. The examiner this year was Mr Steven Ellis who did a great job at putting the young musicians at ease and encouraging them to do their best. School was host to pupils from other music schools in Palma and Cala D’or… and now comes the worst bit, as we await the results!


Posted: 31-05-2016


The Choir had a great afternoon out at the sports stadium in Magalluf to record their wonderful song Lighting up the Flame for the Voices Around The World Choir. We were accompanied by Dolina from Calvia, who arranged the venue for us and the children sang their hearts out in their recording, which were later recorded in the classroom and will now be sent off to be a part of this world wide song.



Posted: 31-05-2016


In Palma, we are very lucky to have our wonderful orchestra as part of cultural life and during the past year, there have been 14 spectacular concerts featuring famous professional musicians from all over the world. Pupils from Years 8 and 9 had the pleasure of attending the rehearsal of the final concert, which featured the world class percussionist Juanjo Guillen, who demonstrated his great talent on a vast array of percussion instruments. The pupils also listen to Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony and at the end of the rehearsal, the lead French horn played, Nigel Carter spoke to the children and answered many of their questions.

Posted: 31-05-2016


The Primary School Council are happy to have initiated a new recycling system in an attempt to make BIC and its students more ecologically friendly. They made two recycling bins - one for paper and one for plastic - and they are in charge of monitoring them. When they are full, they take them to the nearest recycling bins in front of the school on the street. So far, the recycling project has got off to a great start, with all the children making a big effort to recycle plastic bottles, wrappers and all sorts of paper. Both bins filled up entirely in less than a week and the children feel proud to be part of a system so important for our world and their future.


Posted: 09-05-2016


The Principal's of the Orbital Education schools in Ljublana, Mallorca and Moscow met at the 35th Annual COBIS conference. Karl Wilkinson, Duncan Giles and David Lowder are able to use this opportunity to not only develop their own good practice but continue to work ensuring the Orbital family of schools share common goals and vision towards delivering the best British education.

Posted: 09-05-2016


As the only COBIS school in Mallorca and only one of 8 in Spain, BIC is delighted to attend the 35th Annual CCOBIS Conference. The Council of British International School works towards ensuring the effective delivery of British education in a global and international context. With over 200 member schools in 75 countries the organisation allows schools to collaborate, share and learn from one another. The conference also affords the opportunity for service providers to exhibit and for schools to meet and engage with relevant suppliers. 



With over 30 years experience as a provider of high-quality, research based assessments for children's education, GL provides school with the tools to deliver personalised learning that improve attainment and ensure that every student reaches their potential.




iSAMS, the school's internal management system provider are also present and the conference is an opportunity to discuss ways to improve communication between the school and home.






As many of you will know, Cambridge International Examinations are one of the two examination boards the school uses and many of the attendees used this weekend as an opportunity to learn more of the changes to the iGCSE and A level courses.


BIC is keen to support the needs of all its students and is exploring the provision for those students in need of special educational needs, dyslexia being an identified concern 'Dyslexia Matters' a UK organisation offering training and CPD to both staff and parents presented their proposal to the school Principal and Mr Giles will be contacting them again on his return.



The conference is also about the learning journey of the leadership teams within schools and a series of seminars, workshops and presentations are offered for school Principals and middle-leaders. Mr Giles attended 'Data for Leadership: Three takes on how data makes a difference' led by Matthew Savage, the Deputy Head at Bromsgrove International School in Thailand as well as 'High Perfoming Learning: A framework for creating high performing students' by the inspirational Professor Deborah Eyre.




As part of the Orbital Education group of schools, the conference also allowed for the Heads of the schools in Ljublana, Mallorca and Moscow to meet.


Posted: 09-05-2016



Mrs Karen Adams visited Mallorca recently and spent the best part of a week at the BIC site. The visit coincided with the NABSS inspection that took place on May 6th. Mrs Adams has a wealth of experience in the field of school development and is passionate about improving teaching and learning outcomes for students. The visit enabled her to learn more about our school, observe lessons, design strategy and meet parents. We are extremely fortunate to work alongside her and look forward to future visits. Mrs Adams was also able to deliver a presentation on the merits of the GL assessments the school will gradually introduce to both Primary and Secondary






The team of NABSS inspectors spent Friday May 6th at school after having received a variety of background information in advance of their visit. The inspectorate process is thorough and probes not only into the teaching and learning taking place in the school but also essential areas including governance, leadership and student development. A full written report will be published by NABSS in the coming weeks but the verbal feedback received by SLT after the visit was generally very positive

Posted: 09-05-2016


IGCSE Geography students went on a field trip to Magalluf to study the impact of tourism on the popular holiday resort. The visit helped students to understand field work techniques that they will apply in the examinations that they are currently sitting. Activities included conducting traffic surveys into the holiday resort, how the sea front promenade has been improved and the introduction of family attractions such as the Kathmandu hotel.




A-Level Geography students recently took to the streets of Palma for their Geographical Investigations fieldtrip. Our students are currently looking at the success of urban rebranding in Palma and how they can measure the success of regeneration projects in the city. Palma was an ideal location for such a fieldtrip as students quickly discovered a number of strategies that local authorities have taken to encourage visitors to the city. The investigation involved taking environmental quality surveys throughout the city, surveying passing visitors and conducting a questionnaire. The purpose of the trip was to enhance the students’ knowledge in fieldwork techniques which will soon be tested in their summer examination.



Julia from Year 12 feels that practical visits such as these really enhance the course and make the topic far easier to understand.

Posted: 04-05-2016


The PTSA organised yet another wonderful get together this month which was hosted by the fabulous Camille Broms at her Bodega in nearby Genova, over 20 BIC parents were welcomed for an afternoon of sun soaked splendour. Welcoming drinks were followed by a chilled aperitif of chilled spiced courgette gazpacho followed by a choice of salmon or delicious home made quiche. The best was saved for last as the trio of desserts meant a choice had to be made between blueberry, lemon or a devishly decadent chocolate torte.

The weather was beautiful, the company charming and the setting stunning. Many thanks to all who were able to attend and to Camille and Katja for being such perfect hosts! Please check the PTSA section of the website for more information on the next lunch date and venue.