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March 2016


Posted: 31-03-2016


BIC Achievements

At Baleares International College we are always keen to recognise the achievements of our students and share these with our school community.

We are particularly proud of Claudio Loredo Kraus (Year 6) who graces the cover of 'Padres' magazine. In an extensive interview, he details the challenges of a successful karting career and life in Mallorca.

We wish Claudio every success in the future.



Posted: 31-03-2016

Art from the Heart · Arte desde el Corazon


On Friday 11th of March at the Youth Centre “Es Generador” in Son Caliu, BIC were delighted to take part in a charity art exhibition called “Art form the Heart”.


Mayor of Clavia, Alfonso Rodrigues Badal, BIC student Andres Sanchez Vidal with parent and BIC Principal, Duncan Giles


The event was organised by the Mediterranea, a charitable organisation in the Baleares, with the aim of raising funds to purchase school supplies for pupils of the Agubia School. The school caters for 200 underprivileged children in Ethiopia. Agubia is maintained solely by Mediterranea and is located in Akaki Besekia, one of the poorest regions of Akkai, Ethiopia.



The art teacher from BIC, and the Helping Hands charity group assisted Teresa Abad, form Meditrerranea, in fund raising. Pupils from Year 4 to Year 10 contributed to this worthy cause by donating their work to the African themed exhibition. Visitors were given the chance to purchase art work.



Mediterranea Charity representative, Victoria Baldó, Art Teacher, Catherine Hatton and School Principal, Duncan Giles accompanied by parent representatives for the charity.


Mediterranea, as well as running this school, has been involved in many different projects in Ethiopia since 1999. All the projects are aimed at providing underprivileged children with proper food and quality education. Another of the aims of the exhibition was to show our youth that they can make a difference to the misery and poverty that exists in some areas of the world.

Posted: 31-03-2016


KS1 at the Airport


The KS1 children went to visit Palma Airport as part of their topic on ´Journeys´.

They travelled by bus to the airport building and then had to pass security to drive into the restricted area where the fire brigade were waiting.

The firemen showed the children their equipment and uniform. They told the children about how they have only 3 minutes from when the alarm sounds to when they need to get to an incident.

One of their favourite moments was watching the firemen climb down the pole when the alarm sounded. Even some of the adults on the trip had a go too!

Afterwards they went outside and saw the fire engines (which are bigger than normal ones) and had a go at using the powerful hoses. Much fun was had by all!!

Later on the children visited the terminal building and learnt about the importance of looking up to read airport signs. Finally some of the children carried out role play, pretending to go on holiday at the check-in desk where they learnt about baggage handling.


The children were so well behaved that they were asked to go back again next month to board a real aeroplane and view inside the cockpit. They can´t wait.


Posted: 31-03-2016


SRT University Fair


BIC will be hosting the anual SRT University Fair on Monday 4th April 2016.

There will be over 20 universities attending this year from all over the world for students from different schools Mallorca to get information about continuing their studies at one of these.

Posted: 31-03-2016


BIC students visit the "Orquestra Simfònica de Balears"


Here in Palma we are extremely lucky to have our wonderful Orchestra Simfonica Illes Baleares, who give regular concerts at the Auditorium and to encourage young people to learn about and enjoy classical music, they offer free attendance for schools at their rehearsals.



Pupils from Years 6 and 7 had a musical morning out when they had the opportunity to listen to Mallorca Suite, by the Mallorcan composer Balthesar Samper and the famous Don Quixote by Richard Strauss. Just to see the vast array of instruments performed live, listening to the enchanting harmonies and textures they create, is a great lesson for all pupils. 



At the end of the concert, the French horn player Nigel Carter demonstrated some of the techniques on his instrument, as well as answering questions from the children.


Posted: 31-03-2016


Disney Eggstravaganza



The term came to an eggsplosive end, as pupils from KS2 presented a selection of their favourite Disney songs, enjoyed by many parents and other pupils on a sunny, spring afternoon. The concert began with the Disney classic When you Wish Upon a Star, with a poignant duet by Isabella and Cosima to open the show, performed from an upstairs window.



This was followed by seven more songs and dances, professionally choreographed by the class teachers, including Heigh Ho, Under the Sea, I Wanna Be Like You and Rotten To the Core from the recent Disney film, The Descendants.

The performance ended with all two hundred children from Primary school performing another Disney classic, It’s a Small World in English, Spanish and German, leaving parent and children feeling proud, happy and humming these wonderful melodies that will live forever.

Posted: 31-03-2016


St Patrick’s Day Parade in Santa Ponsa


It is always great fun for the BIC School Choir to participate in the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade, and this year they did it in style, as the young pupils zoomed round the streets on their bespoke, decorated scooters.



They all met at the start of the parade, where there was great excitement admiring the other participants, including a giant Irish wolfhound, several flamboyant Volkswagen beetles and colourful Bolivian dancers. The streets and apartments of Santa Ponsa were thronging with spectators eager to see the parade and the Choir sang their heart out as they scooted along. On arriving at the stage, they were welcomed by Richie, Bianca, and Aysha from Radio One Mallorca, singing their repertoire with confidence and gusto, to the delight of the audience and their parents.



The icing on the cake, however, was to win second prize in the best participant competition and Mrs Baggaley, the music teacher, and Farrah, one of the young choir members, were very proud to go onto the stage to receive this.


Posted: 15-03-2016


PTSA Banquet


The BIC PTSA organised a delicious lunch to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. Lunch was a fabulous selection of dishes from around the world, from starters to desserts, all donated by BIC parents. Teachers were able to sample dishes from Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Denmark, America, South Africa and Brazil.



As well as the chance to try such an amazing array of international cuisine, it was also a perfect opportunity for staff and parents to get to know each other. The lunch was not only organised by the PTSA but they went to great lengths to make sure that everyone was catered for and well looked after.



A huge thank you goes out from all of the staff, to parents and the PTSA, for yet another very successful Teacher Appreciation Day. The staff at BIC really appreciate the efforts made by both parents and the PTSA to provide them with such a fantastic lunch and are already looking forward to next year’s Teacher Appreciation Day.



Posted: 15-03-2016


Year 10 Conservationists



Marine conservation around Mallorca and the beautiful Balearic Islands was the topic of the recent Year 10 assembly, directed by Mrs Wade, which was both lively and informative. This began with Anusha, Lilie and Zbi presenting some interesting fact and figures, followed by the guest speaker, Mr Brad Robertson, an experienced scuba diving instructor who hails all the way from Australia. He and his wife have established the Ondive Association here in Mallorca, which is a non profit marine organization entirely dedicated to the protection of local marine ecosystems.



Brad gave an inspiring presentation including fascinating videos on the marine reserves in Mallorca, the stingray project and the plastic pollution issue. He would love to see more schools becoming involved in his projects and it certainly gave the older pupils something to think about!



Posted: 15-03-2016


Sixth Form News



Pupils from the sixth form at BIC received a very enlightening presentation from Señor Jorge from the ESI Business University in Barcelona. He explained that working in business means you have to be active, as people in this field are always busy and act on their thoughts, which are to make money.


Being a manager needs leadership and communication and Señor Jose went on to explain that being a leader is very difficult as you have to make important decisions for a large group.


“What is a dream?” he asked the class and told the students that dreams can become reality and are connected to creativity, involving stepping out of the box, doing something new and being spontaneous. Having a dream, he says, means being obsessed, which is important when being a businessman and we must always strive for more.


In his opinion, no one can tell you what to do, but you can have certain figures in your life who you look up to, and then you've got to start doing things and have no fear! The essence of life is helping others and doing no harm.


Throughout the presentation, he talked a lot about life while emphasising the fact that you have to follow your own way and your own dreams in order to achieve something worthwhile in the future.


by Lucie (Year 13)



Posted: 15-03-2016


World Book Day.



There is always great excitement among both pupils and teachers as this special day comes around, as there are many activities related to books and reading going on throughout the day and Primary pupils are also able to come to school wearing their night clothes and bring a teddy.



Activities included a wonderful puppet show presented by Serena’s English Puppet Theatre, where children had the opportunity to participate in several stories, including The Three Little Pigs and the Hare and the Tortoise, leading to great excitement and enthusiasm from the younger children. The pupils had the chance to buy their own books, as The Bookworm set up their stall in the foyer, with some wonderful books on display.



Reading is an integral part of the curriculum at BIC and what better way to encourage children to read than through World Book Day!




Posted: 15-03-2016

BIC attend the 38th NABSS conference.

The National Association of British Schools in Spain held their 38th annual conference in Madrid. Over 3 days, attendees have had the opportunity to discuss on-going concerns and share best practice.

Leader of Learning for Primary, Ms Morag Upton and Head of Secondary, Mr. John Birch were able to benefit from the various workshops set up including ‘Assessing pupil progress in a world without levels’ led by Maria Rundle of Rising Stars or ‘Human resources and people management’ led by Roger Pryah of Osiris. In addition to these, the conference also offered delegates a number of break-out sessions covering a wide-raging set of whole school concerns, ‘Teaching and learning using technology’ or ‘Making the most of student data and information’.



Baleares International College places much value in the continuing professional development (CPD) our its staff and events like these allows the school’s teachers and middle leaders to develop and extend their skill set and work towards improving the standards of teaching and learning as well as assessment within the school.

BIC Principal, Duncan Giles attended the official opening of the conference by HM Ambassador to Spain, His Excellency Simon Manley and was able to enjoy key note presentations from Ofsted and Cambridge Education inspector Brian Oppenheim, as well as a Lucy Stewart from Pearson Edexcel, one of the two BIC examination awarding bodies. In addition, the UNED, the body responsible for entry to Spanish universities made a detailed and informative presentation.

The NABSS AGM allowed delegates a forum to discuss the many issues relating to the delivery of a British curriculum education in Spain. The conference also invited a wide-ranging number of exhibitors and BIC was able to make valuable and important connections with key service providers like the Times Educational Supplement, Firefly or Aramak Catering. The next conference will be held in March 2017 in Barcelona.
More information on Nabss can be found at


Posted: 02-03-2016

Orbital Education CEO visits BIC

Baleares International College was proud to welcome the new Chief Executive Officer for Orbital Education to the school. Mr. David Pottinger was appointed CEO of the company earlier in the year and this was his first visit to one of the group schools.


Olivia Taylor (7N) discusses spreadsheet design in the newly upgraded ICT suite.


¨I am delighted to have been able to visit both the San Agustin and Sa Porrassa campuses and am confident that BIC will continue to deliver a rich and varied curriculum to both local and international communities on the island. Orbital Education is committed to continue to develop these two excellent schools.'


Mr. Pottinger attended the BIC Long Term Vision workshop on Monday 29th February and met members of the School Leadership Team as well as parents and representatives of the PTSA.


Orbital Education is committed to bringing the best British education to the world and owns and operates a group of schools around the globe catering for students aged 3 to 18. More information on the group can be found at:



     Mr. David Pottinger, new CEO           Mr. Pottinger with parent Mrs Murphy

     for Orbital Educaton.


School Principal, Duncan Giles explains school creed, Believe Inspire Challenge.



Posted: 02-03-2016

Dear Parents, 

On Friday 11th March, the ‘Arte desde el Corazon’ exhibition will be held at the cultural centre, ‘Es Generador’ in Son Caliu.

The exhibition, held in support of the ‘Mediterranea’ charity will feature artwork from BIc students as well as from the art studio of Doleres Comas. An opportunity to purchase artwork will be available and proceeds of the sale will go towards the purchase of essential educational resources for the School the charity runs in Adugida, Ethiopia.

The exhibiton will run from 16.30 to 20.30 and will also feature live African music and dance and displays of local arts and crafts.

We look forward to seeing you there.