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Posted: 31-03-2017


Every week the Year 8 students are taking part in Sports Leadership by helping Miss Vince with the Year 3, 4 and 6 Physical Education (PE) classes! Pupils from Year 3 are split up into small groups while the older pupils took charge introducing new activities, explaining the rules and making sure no one breaks them!
It is special witnessing the older pupils help the Year 3´s, you see a very mature, caring side to them when they are put in charge. We are also finding that it helps to build up the younger children's confidence and it´s lovely to get active outside, especially when we are blessed with such a lovely sunny weather!





Posted: 28-03-2017


The Penguins Year 1 & 2 class put on a spectacular performance for their assembly this week which was inspired by one of their favourite stories Lila and the secret of rain! The children held their characters in the play spectacularly and managed to transfer so much energy across to the parents and teachers in the audience through song, dance and plenty of humour. They even had all of the parents dancing at the end to their African song ´Zimbole¨. You can see their performance on the school Facebook page.

A huge well done to Mrs Cortes and Miss Beckett for their hard work.​



Posted: 27-03-2017


Held every year on the 21st March, World Poetry Day was established by Unesco as an opportunity to "reflect on the power of language and the full development of each person's creative abilities". BIC celebrated their love of poetry by organising a perfect Poetry Week that included a World Poetry Day.

The pupils spent their time being absorbed in poetry, whether it was writing, performing or just enjoying poems. They had a chance to reflect on the power of poetry and its ability to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. Throughout the week the pupils; explored iconic poetry, wrote their own poems and created a whole school poem on the theme of spring.

To help bring poetry to life in the classrooms, many enthusiastic teachers performed their own favourite poems to different classes. The children thoroughly enjoyed having guest teachers surprise them with a poem. The highlight of this successful week was a KS2 assembly where the children passionately performed their favourite poems to the delight of their audience.

Special thanks go to Miss Hodgson for organising such a wonderful week!




Posted: 27-03-2017


Year 5 trip to the Mallorca planetarium and observatory. 

We  looked at many interesting things, the best was when we sat in the planetarium and looked up to the projected stars on the ceiling in the dome. It was filled with stars and constellations. It was amazing, like being in a dream, absolutely beautiful. We were also allowed to look through one of the big observatory telescopes at the sun. The astronomer man told us 
that the real colour of the sun is green. I think he was joking. We know it is white. We were also allowed to touch a meteorite that was over 250 thousand years old. In the afternoon we
made rockets in the workshop. Each team made one rocket, the names of them were hilarious and afterwards we blasted them into the sky with compressed air. Finally, the observatory helpers brought out a giant rocket filled with water and shot it into the sky. It went around 20 meters into the sky, showering water everywhere. It was great fun! Nicolas Toth said the day was very cool. Kai Preston Adams thought the trip was very interesting but fun too.





Posted: 21-03-2017


BIC proudly hosted the final debate in the Calvia Rotary Debating Competition. 

Our Year 9 team presented a robust argument against immigration and the strengthening of national borders to impede the access of refugees and asylum seekers. An emotive and relevant topic, very much in the news today. Queen´s College presented the alternative view and all six debaters enjoyed a hearty exchange of views.

BIC were not successful in making it through to the final later this month but the opportunities enjoyed and the experience of debating in front of the judges, their peers and the school community will hold them in good stead for next year. Well done to all and special thanks to Mrs Ikonen, the Acting Head of English for leading such a wonderful initiative.



Posted: 21-03-2017


Our Penguin Class have been thinking about having a ´Growth mindset´ with regards to their school work. They have talked about improving and editing their work to make it the best they can. In their art lesson they drew penguins, and then helped each other to see where they could improve, then afterwards had another go and then another. They are learning that mistakes help us to learn and improve. They also discussed our school motto, ´Believe, Inspire, Challenge´ and what that means to us personally and as a class. There is a wonderful display outside the classroom and Mrs Cortes is very proud of the results!



Posted: 10-03-2017


We are celebrating World book day at BIC. Our primary years children have come dressed in their pyjamas, brought their favourite cuddly toy and story book with them to school.

Our principal, Mr Giles has been snapped this morning greeting the children at the school gate in his Pyjamas!

Thank you Carolina for the lovely photo and your kind words!




Posted: 10-03-2017

Baleares International College is proud to confirm it has become an Official Partner of the 2nd Mallorca Open. As part of the grass court season leading to the Wimbledon Championships, the Open will attract some of the leading female players on the circuit.

The unique charm of the tournament, held in the former Santa Ponsa County Club, the incredible weather and the allure of the island make the tournament especially attractive. At BIC we are very happy to enter into partnership with the Mallorca Open. It will allow for many exciting opportunities for our students, as well as exhibition matches, a tennis clinic on school grounds and discounted prices for parents.

BE Part of it!



Posted: 10-03-2017


The BOOK FAIR has been postponed till further notice



Posted: 10-03-2017


On 7th March three students from BIC travelled to The Academy to take part in their first debate. Nico Locher, Maria Shaprikovey and Santiago Aguado calmly and quite professionally delivered arguments on a motion about cyber bullying which won them hearty applause from the audience and much praise from the judges. Maria won ´Debater of the Day´, an unsurprising feat considering the passion, energy and fervor with which she delivered her contribution to The Team´s dynamic efforts. Well done all three - and this was just your first time....  


Posted: 06-03-2017


A reminder of the BOOK FAIR at our campus this Friday!



Posted: 10-03-2017


His Excellency Simon Manley CMG, the British Ambassador to Spain meets BIC Principal´s Lowri Millar and Duncan Giles at the 39th Annual NABSS conference, held this year in Benidorm. The National Association of British Schools in Spain of which BIC is a founder member, represents the interests of British Curriculum schools and acts as liaison with the British Council and the Department of Education.