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Living in Mallorca

‘I am in Palma, in the shade of palm-trees, cedars, aloes, orange-trees, fig-trees and pomegranates. A turquoise sky, a sea of lapis-lazuli and emerald mountains. The air? The air is that of the sky. The days are sunny, all are dressed in summer clothing, it is hot; in the evenings one hears the sound of singing and guitars……… Briefly: it is a delicious life’
Frédéric Chopin

Mallorca is one of the world’s most beautiful islands, a wonderful and varied environment, a delightful climate and a very attractive place to work and live.

Palma is a centre of culture and entertainment. Life in Mallorca is vibrant, exciting and full of opportunities. A knowledge of Spanish is not essential but help is available and even a basic knowledge can be rewarding.

Being a very desirable place to live accommodation is quite expensive but otherwise the cost of living is very reasonable. Public transport, culture, dentistry and medicines all represent good value and decent quality restaurants and bars need not cost a fortune to visit. Nightlife can last all night (during school holiday periods!). Sports bars, concerts and music societies abound. The countryside around is a paradise of walks and recreation. The island is a place to explore, so varied is its environment.

Palma is very accessible for there are many flights each day, many of them low-cost flights, linking Palma with many major cities in the UK and continental Europe.

You will discover not just the well-known sights of the cathedral in the old town of Palma with its stunning interior features designed by Gaudi but also a short railway journey away the dramatic town and mountain pass of Soller and the beautiful nearby bay of Port de Soller.

At the weekend you can visit Deia and the house where Robert Graves lived for almost half his life and Valldemossa where Chopin and George Sands spent their famous, or infamous, winter together.

Baleares International College is situated on the sheltered south coast of the island but the northern coastline is dramatic especially Pollença and Cap de Formador.

Fornalutx offer you a glimpse of the past with its stone built houses nestling deep in the mountains and Arta, a unique hill top town with its wonderful 19th architecture and its superb restaurants.

For further information about living and working in Mallorca, there are many websites, for example, but not exclusively: (british-consulate-palma-de-majorca)