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Excellent results in examinations


 Posted: 31-08-2018


We are delighted to share news of our excellent A Level results. 83% of students obtained grade A*– C. This represents the third year-on-year improvement. Congratulations to all our students and to our teaching staff.



Moreover, the results for this years GCSE exams are in and we are very happy to share the news that for the third year in row these have yet again improved. 88% of our students obtained grades A*-C, a significant increase from 61% last year. Many congratulations to all our hard working students and staff who have made this happen. We are confident that BIC students will continue to succeed and that the school is going from strength to strength.






Posted: 11-06-2018


BIC has secured for every Sixth Form student and teacher and teacher at the school a free digital subscription to the Financial Times newspaper. Many thanks to the Head of 6th Form, Tony Gray for arranging such an excellent initiative.

The FT articles help strengthen students’ exam performance; broaden their reading and knowledge for university and employment interviews and inform them as the next generation of citizens on current affairs.




Posted: 08-06-2018


Here are some photos from Book Reading with Julian Clary. We were very lucky to have Julian come to the school earlier this week and read some of his favourite parts from The Bold Series, the children really enjoyed it!

A huge thank you to Julian Clary for his visit to the school.




Posted: 07-06-2018


Bicimetrics are our first proud sponsor of the Cycling Club held at BIC. Led by British Cycling coach (L2) Tony Gray the Club equips our students with the necessary to safely enjoy one of Mallorca's most popular sports. The school is now the proud owner of a most splendid bicycle. Many thanks. Please visit their website at

Bicimetrics is Mallorca’s premier Bikefit Studio. The highly trained staff use 3D motion capture and pressure mapping systems to ensure the customer finds the best possible position on their bike.

Every bike rider is unique in terms of body type, flexibility and aspiration which should be reflected in the rider’s position on a bike. A well-executed bikefit will help you to ride comfortably, efficiently and pain-free.

The “fit” process lasts around two hours and includes a short interview to establish the customer’s personal goals, injury history and training volumes. Next, a physical assessment which includes flexibility tests and functional movement screens. Cleat placement, saddle selection and saddle and handlebar adjustments conclude the fitting process. A detailed digital report is sent to the customer after the bikefit and will ensure you are riding with your most optimised position on your bike both on holiday and at home.

As well as bike fitting, custom moulded insoles can be produced in the shop while the customer waits. Plus Bicimetrics has a range of bikes in stock, including custom geometry carbon frames, wheels, clothing and other accessories as well as a complete workshop - it's a veritable one-stop shop for everything related to cycling..



Posted: 05-06-2018


At BIC we are proud to share news that Seren Cooper came third in her first international competition held last weekend. Coached by our very own Francesca Fox, the competition was organised by the City of Bath and held at the University of Bath's award winning facilities. We are so happy of the many sporting achievements of our students and will continue to share these as and when they happen. Well done Seren!



Posted: 04-06-2018


Britannica International School, Shanghai visit Mallorca.

Students from our sister Orbital school will spend this week in Mallorca taking part in a sailing course at the Calanova Port and will also visit the Sant Agusti and Sa Porrassa campus. 
Please read the first impression from Ross Mchenie, group leader:

A very lucky group of students from Britannica began their journey to Spain on Friday evening. After a long flight we stopped in Paris where we enjoyed a continental breakfast before boarding our connecting flight to Palma Mallorca. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the Principals of the Orbital schools here on the island and our hosts Port Calanova Sailing school, who put on a delicious spread of food and drinks to welcome us. The students had no problem falling asleep after the journey they had to get here! The next day we woke up with all the students excited to make a start at the sailing course. All students finished their theory section in the classroom and then despite some bad weather the instructors took us out for their first taste of the open water! The wind was strong, which made for some very exciting sailing conditions for their first time. The students were exhilarated and already can't wait to go again tomorrow. Due to the rain in the afternoon we took all the students to Mallorca's trampoline park. They had an amazing time practicing their flips, ninja warrior skills and gladiator battles. We even had enough time to play in the pool. The students have been getting the 5 star treatment with every meal in Spain. Some quotes from the students so far... 
Phil: "This is the best day of my life"
Fletcher: "Do we have to go back to Shanghai?" 
Mr Benson: This really is pae-YAY-a!



Posted: 30-05-2018


Harriet Armstrong attended ESF 2018 tournament last weekend which is the biggest youth football festival in the UK. With 1200 teams and 40,000 people participating.

Harriet has taken part in this ESF completion once before in 2017 and became champions then too.

In winning this year Harriet and her team mates have now been section and invited to attend the prestigious ESF Grand Finale, the Champion of Champions event... The 2018 ESF Grand Finale will be staged at St George’s Park, the home of England’s National teams and training ground.

Harriet and her team will now be up against all the other champions from all over the UK and will be attending this competition in July!

Well done Harriett and good luck in the final.



Posted: 29-05-2018


BIC students qualify for Spanish Cycling Championships

BIC is always keen to promote the sporting achievements of its students and we are proud of Josh Murphy (Y9) who won the under-16 Balearic road cycling Championship and George Gray (Y9) who came third in the under-14 Championship race on Sunday 29th May. They both qualify as a result for the Spanish championships on July 7th.

The school is also hosting a Bike Fest in September. Please see details below:

BIC Bike Fest - Saturday 22 September 2018

"Great food, great music, cycling skills challenge with prizes, cycling stalls, the mini-bike world championship, Dr Bike, raffle and Bike ability"

"A day of BIC community run family fun. Fundraising for the BIC bike club"

Potential sponsors and stall holders please contact [email protected]



Posted: 29-05-2018


On Friday 11th May the Year 6 pupils visited the Science fair at The University of the Balearic Islands, Palma. This trip brought to life the students’ learning in their science lessons and was a fantastic opportunity to explore the weird and wonderful aspects of science that are not always possible within the classroom.

The fair consisted of a variety of stalls each with exciting scientific experiments. Undergraduate students, currently studying Science degrees at The University of the Balearic Islands, gave simple explanations about the science behind the demonstrations and even invited the students to get involved. We saw the Year 6 pupils programming robots, creating electric circuits using paint and being captivated by chemistry.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the fair and we hope it has inspired a passion for science!



Posted: 24-05-2018


BIC attends an official press conference for the Mallorca Tennis Open
As partners of the Mallorca Tennis Open, school Principal Duncan Giles attended the launch press conference for the tournament. Students from BIC will serve as Open Ambassadors, ballboys/girls and will help ensure the success of the event. This is the second year that the school has been associated with the tournament and we are confident that our students will both enjoy and enrich themselves from their time there. Please note that all BIC parents/students/staff receive a complimentary discount to the competition. 
Please visit for more information.



Posted: 15-05-2018


Mallorca Tennis Open
For the second year, Baleares International College is partnering with the WTA Mallorca Tennis Open. Our students will be able to serve as volunteers at the the tournament, we will welcome one of the players at school where they will run a clinic and a Q&A session and all parents wishing to attend will receive a complimentary 15% discount. Game, set and match BIC!
More information can be found at 
Please ask Lauren at reception for further details.



Posted: 15-05-2018


During International Poetry Week BIC Primary department worked together to create a poem based on the 60 year celebration of our school. Each class enjoyed focusing on a different aspect of poetry such as alliteration, rhyme and hyperbole amongst many others. The 'celebration of 60 years' poem was a great success and the children had a lot of fun composing their lines and reading each other's poetical creations.

We have added them here for you all to enjoy!

Mrs von Waberer



Posted: 15-05-2018


In science, Year 4 have been learning about sound - where it comes from and how it is produced. As a project, they made their own musical instruments that made real music/sounds. This resulted in some wonderfully creative ideas, and the children were confidently able to explain how their instrument made a sound and how they could vary its pitch and volume. Frank Melville's set of drums were so popular - with their very loud and effective sound - they will even showcase in the Penguins' class assembly. The children and their teacher, Mrs Bakes, were very proud of their work, which resulted in their very own class orchestra! Well done, Year 4



Posted: 14-05-2018


BIC is the only COBIS school on the island and the Principal, Duncan Giles was able to attend their annual conference in London over the weekend. COBIS promotes collaboration with other member schools, it offers training and network opportunities for staff and is vital in ensuring regulatory standards are upheld. The conference also allowed for consultations with some of the schools service providers such as iSAMS or GL Education.



Posted: 11-05-2018


Five of our talented BIC pupils shared their poems and songs with Radio one Mallorca listeners, as part of a charity fundraiser for GOSH, Son Espases Childrens Ward, Asociacion Ondine and Feliz Animales in Calvia. During the sponsored hour, Year 7 pupils, Ella, Lilian and Angela read out their own personally crafted Haiku poems, inspired by Japanese culture. Jess and Brooke (Year 9 ) performed on guitar and vocals; stripped down acoustic versions of contemporary pop classics soared across the airwaves. It was a great experience for the students and we hope that Radio One Mallorca have a successful 27 hours!!



Posted: 11-05-2018


BIC Principal, Duncan Giles attended the Orbital Leaders Meeting, held in Manchester from the 9-11th May. Principals from the groups ten schools met to discuss strategy and planning. Central to the conference schedule was the presentation from Lowri Millar from Sant Agusti on how the schools can collaborate together. There are Orbital schools in Slovenia, Budapest, Shanghai, Doha, Moscow and Quito. The opportunities for schools to work together are great and BIC is looking to future collaborations.
More information at:



Posted: 10-05-2018


Baleares International College Sixth form students have set up a Young Entrepreneurs club with our business teacher Mr Gray. They plan to create entrepreneurial opportunities for all BIC students.The students will be selling cakes and drinks at Primary Sports Day to fund raise for future student led business start ups. In addition they are looking for guest enterprise speakers from the Mallorcan business community - if interested please email [email protected]



Posted: 08-05-2018


The LEO club at the school was proud to welcome the District Governor for Spain to BIC, Mr Jose Luis Alvarez Fernandez. The purpose of the visit was to formally charter the Baleares International College Leo Club and to thank our many students who support the initiative. Led by Sara and Adrian, the Leo's have done excellent work in continuing the strong reputation the school has towards charitable efforts.



Posted: 04-05-2018


Our Year 4 student William Armstrong attended ESF 2018 tournament at the weekend which is the biggest youth football festival in the UK. With 1,200 teams and 40,000 people participating.

William has taken part 3 times in total, winning twice in his own age group and becoming runners up in a year above his group!

In winning this year, William and his team mates have now been invited to attend the prestigious ESF Grand Finale, the Champion of Champions event... The 2018 ESF Grand Finale will be held at St George’s Park, the home of England’s National teams and training ground.

William and his team were crowned champions at St Georges park in 2016, where they played against premiership academy players from Liverpool and Chelsea. Let's hope they can do it again this year.

Congratulations to William and his team and good luck in the finals!



Posted: 03-05-2018


Students at BIC enjoyed World Book Day where those in Primary came to school in pijamas and with the favourite teddy and Secondary school students dressed in a variety of literature inspired characters. The English department was decorated especially for the day with a Harry Potter inspired theme. The school Principal joined in and welcomed parents and students as Willy Wonka with the all important Oompa Loompa's to help. The school reception also has a large display board where all visitors, parents and students are invited to nominate their favourite book. All initiatives are designed to promote among all our community the joys of reading. Thank you to all who took part.



Posted: 28-03-2018


Bienvenue a notre café francais

In Years 3-6 in their French lessons, they have been learning about food and drink in France. They learnt how to say various things they may eat and drink for breakfast. Then they decided it would be a great idea to recreate a French cafe in our classrooms. We had waiters, waitresses and customers. The children enjoyed ordering in French and eating the delicacies! Some of the teachers joined us such as Mr Giles, Mrs Beckett and Miss Hodgson. As Amber in year 5 exclaimed, 'This is like heaven but at school!

A big merci to Madamme Carter for creating fun activities to assist our students learning and to all the parents for the wonderful french style goodies!



Posted: 22-03-2018


The pupils and staff at BIC celebrated their love of poetry by organising a perfect Poetry Week that included a World Poetry Day. Held every year on the 21st March, World Poetry Day was established by Unesco as an opportunity to "reflect on the power of language and the full development of each person's creative abilities".

The pupils spent their time being absorbed in poetry, whether it was writing, performing or just enjoying poems. They had a chance to reflect on the power of poetry and its ability to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. Throughout the week the pupils; explored iconic poetry, wrote their own poems and created a whole school poem on the theme of 60. This special number was chosen to reflect the school’s 60th anniversary celebration.
To help bring poetry to life in the classrooms, many enthusiastic teachers performed their own favourite poems to different classes. The children thoroughly enjoyed having guest teachers surprise them with a poem. The highlight of this successful week was an assembly where the children passionately performed their favourite poems to the delight of their audience.

Thank you to everyone involved!



Posted: 22-03-2018


The school is happy to receive written correspondence from HM Queen Elizabeth with regards our anniversary this year and was appreciative of the images sent of our students and the many wonderful initiatives we undertake here.


Posted: 20-03-2018


Year 11, 12 and 13 visit Berlin
Our GCSE and A Level students enjoyed 3 days in Germany's capital, Berlin. As part of their language studies and as consolidation of work done in Politics and History, BIC students were able to enjoy first hand this vibrant and exciting city. We look forward to new and exciting trips for students across all age groups.



Posted: 20-03-2018


The BIC Band were out entertaining the many folk who took to the streets of Santa Ponsa to enjoy the celebrations. Renditions of 'Gallway Girl' by Ed Sheeran and the fabulous 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' were fabulous and our students were confident and highly competent performers on stage. Well done!



Posted: 19-03-2018


The Ondine Association held their annual beach clean on Santa Ponsa beach on Sunday, and BIC were naturally there to lend a helping hand. As long term supporters of the organisation, our parents, teachers and students met on the beach to clear it of debris and at the same time remind all of the wonderful natural environment we enjoy in Mallorca. 
More information can be found at



Posted: 09-03-2018


Please join us next Sunday at 11am on Santa Ponca beach to support the Ondine Asociation. There will be a beach clean and we would love to see as many of you there as possible. At 12:30 our Secondary students are performing an ensemble for St Patrick's Day in Santa Ponsa so we can walk over there together for some food and drinks afterwards 



Posted: 08-03-2018


The Reception class have really enjoyed learning all about Healthy Living. They talked about many different ways in which they look after themselves, including drinking water, eating a variety of healthy foods, visiting the doctor and dentist and having fun with friends. After reading Oliver´s Fruit Salad and Oliver vegetables by Vivian French they made healthy fruit smoothies,vegetable pizzas and went to the garden center to buy seeds ready for planting.

"Our favourite part if the topic was reading the Supertato books (by Sue Hendra) We made our very own Supertato heros and did some fantastic pieces of writing to describe him".




Posted: 08-03-2018


The Easter House Competition has now begun! Please note that this is only open to Key Stage 2 students (years 3 to 6).



Posted: 07-03-2018


On Tuesday 6th March, the Year 11 and 12 Geography students ventured to Can Picafort to conduct some field work for the GCSE and A level courses. At Muro Beach they measured longshore drift and evaluated the coastal defences. At Can Picafort itself the Year 11's interviewed members of the public on their opinions of the area whilst the Year 12's completed a litter survey (picking up litter as they went!) and assessed the potential impacts of rising sea levels on the location.

Back in the classroom the students will now process their data and come to conclusions on how natural processes and human activity are influencing this stretch of coastline.



Posted: 06-03-2018


Please contact Symonne on [email protected] if you wish to sell any items from your home/garage or if you would like a stall for your business. On the other hide please feel free to come by and enjoy some food, drink and entertainment. Francesca Fox will also be running open gymnastics sessions.



Posted: 20-02-2018


Year 7 are currently studying the topic ´Chemical Reactions´. Last lesson, Ms Turley´s class carried out the ´Elephant´s Toothpaste´ experiment. This helped to develop practical skills along with consolidating ideas on what happens during a chemical reaction, reactants and products and word equations. It was also a lot of fun!



Posted: 19-02-2018


BIC was proud to welcome Daily Bulletin editor, Jason Moore to the school. As part of the ongoing anniversary celebrations - 60 years educating international students in Mallorca - the school will continue to invite key members of the international community to visit and meet with students and teachers.

Mr Moore toured the school site and met students from both Primary and Secondary school, showing special interest in the Year 6 work on Harry Potter and their own Hogwart’s Howlers. Class teacher and Assistant Head of Primary, Laura Hodgson showed off her students’ work and discussed the importance to promote reading among students.

Time was spent with the school’s A Level English students and a brief masterclass on the art of article writing was enjoyed by Noah, Pedro and Nikolai, Year 12 and 13 students. An article on Marilyn Monroe written by Noah was critically appraised by the editor of Majorca’s number one English language publication and tips on journalistic style and technique shared with students in support of the ongoing assessments.




Posted: 16-02-2018


The Chinese zodiac moves in a 12-year cycle, and those born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018 are also known as Dogs.

According to the Asian astrology, your year of birth - and the animal this represents - determines a lot about your personality traits.

Our Year 4 spent the day celebrating in aid of Chinese New Year and there were some fantastic costumes!

Happy Chinese New Year from us!




Posted: 13-02-2018


PANCAKE Day is an exciting event for all the family with adults and children across the country eager to make and devour pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Today our Year 1 children enjoyed learning what ingredients we need to make pancakes and of course eating them afterwards! DELICIOUS 😋





Posted: 07-02-2018


BIC works hard to ensure we meet the requirements as set out by the Department of Education in the UK and open channels between them and the school are essential for our on-going development. We were delighted to enter into correspondence with the Secretary of State, Rt. Hon Damian Hinds and learn of his key priorities and receive his best wishes for our landmark anniversary; 60 years delivering the best British education.




Posted: 07-02-2018


BIC welcomed JoyRon founder, Ron Hawes to the school to take receipt of the 600€ plus donation. Funds were received from the Halloween Disco and the sale of the the 2018 calendars. Monies will go towards the building of a children's cinema at the Son Espases hostipal. Leo Leaders Sara and Adrian made the presentation alongside school Principal, Duncan Giles.
Ron Hawes expressed his sincere thanks:
''I thank you for the collaboration of BIC in supporting JoyRon Foundation both from the Halloween Night and the sale of the 2018 Calendars, plus allowing us to have a stall at the BIC Christmas Market which was also a great success. JoyRon Foundation looks forward to future opportunities of collaborating with BIC in 2018 onwards. I know a number of the JoyRon supporters are also parents of children at BIC''-




Posted: 07-02-2018


Students in Year 10 led by their tutor Mr. Cadman took the Secondary school assembly and shared with all the importance of perseverance and the lessons to be learnt through initial failures; these can go on to inspire great successes. The central quote was ''Those who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.” The assembly also had some key participants in Mr Moore and Miss Turley and was enjoyed by students and teachers alike.




Posted: 30-01-2018


A BIG thank you to Sally from Sunshine Books - Mallorca for braving the rain and bringing her wonderful selection of books to the school on Friday. It was a great success and we are pleased to see so many parents supporting their children's education with a fantastic variety of books. We look forward to the next time!




Posted: 30-01-2018


Sa Porrassa Principal visits Sant Agusti
Duncan Giles spent part of the afternoon with Year 6 students at the Sant Agusti campus. As part of the on-going transition process, students in Miss Poli's class were able to ask the Sa Porrassa Principal a number of questions about life in secondary school. From lessons to lockers, play time to buses and general life in the school Mr. Giles had a wonderfully informative time with these delightful young students




Posted: 24-01-2018


In Primary, reading is a key focus and children are always encouraged to read a variety of texts, stories and books which they enjoy. They might make them laugh, they might learn interesting new facts, they might take them on adventures to faraway places and fuel their imagination. In 4B we've been talking about how some of the children's favourite books make them feel. We used fun emoji's to portray this, as the children drew their chosen book cover and a colourful emoji to express how the story made them feel. This has resulted in a fun and vibrant display in the Primary corridor, thank you Mrs Bakes!




Posted: 17-01-2018


Head of Secondary, David Bennett led the Options presentation this evening and coordinated the event that allowed for students and their parents to meet GCSE and iGCSE teachers ahead of their option choices. Both were able to ask key questions and receive all necessary and relevant information. Many thanks to all teachers and parents who attended. Best of luck to our students in their choices and eventual examinations.



Posted: 17-01-2018


The school assembly this week was aimed at recognising the hard work and effort of our students put in towards raising money for charity. Rosemary Stone from AGC4K took receipt of a cheque for over 1500€ raised during our Christmas Fair with over 10€ per minute donated over the two hours the school came together to support this worthy cause. Thank you to Rosemary for coming in and delivering a wonderful story to our secondary children!
More information can be found at:



Posted: 20-12-2017


The school choir from Sant Agusti and Sa Porrassa came together again for the annual Porto Pi Choir Concert in aid of Fundacion Rana -
We were delighted to see so many parents come and support the Chor, who as always performed beautifully.



Posted: 18-12-2017


Our school community came together to support of annual Christmas Fair. This year, the Fair was held on a Friday and members of the school and wider international community came to enjoy the many stalls and activities. It was a perfect opportunity to purchase some hand crafted Christmas presents, find a wreath for your front door or try your luck with the fabulous raffle prizes! Father Christmas welcomed little ones in his Grotto, the Senior Choir entertained all and our parents offered cava, mulled wine and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm during the December evening. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to all who came and especially to all who helped organise this successful event!



Posted: 18-12-2017


In support of National Christmas Jumper Day, December 15th our students donned the brightest garments and came to school in full festive spirit. A collection of reindeer, Santa's, holly and a wealth of Christmas trees were on show as BIC enjoyed the run up to Christmas!



Posted: 13-12-2017


We are proud to see BIC and our students grace the front page of the main English language newspaper on the island. Copies of the paper are widely available across Mallorca and today's edition includes key information on BIC within the Junior Section. 
For more information please visit:



Posted: 12-12-2017


Many congratulations to our three finalists; Henri and Paul from 5W and 5T, William from 4B and Cosima from 6B. The winner will be announced at the end of term assembly on December 21st and our 2017 BIC Christmas card will be arriving via post to your homes. 
Many thanks to all students who took part, all entries will be on display in the Primary School corridors. Please do come and have a look!



Posted: 5-12-2017


All staff and students are invited to join in on the International Christmas Jumper celebrations by wearing their festive jumpers to school! Donations will be collected to go towards our Christmas Charity "Allen Graham" alongside Christmas Fair proceeds.



Posted: 5-12-2017


The school tree is now glistening in the school entrance and as with the many efforts from our students we welcome this festive period. 
We invite all parents, students, teachers and visitors to add their Christmas message to our tree. JoyRon Founder, Ronald Hawes kindly visited and shared his best wishes for all the school. Christmas Message tags are available from Lauren Payet, in the Main Office



Posted: 4-12-2017


WBIC Choir at JoyRon's 'Carols by Candlelight'
Students from BIC Sant Agusti and Sa Porrassa performed side by side at the annual 'Carols by Candlelight' last Saturday. the charity raised over 2000€ towards building a childen's cinema in the Son Espases hospital. Our students enjoyed the evening and their rendition of family favourites was much appreciated by all. 
More information: