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Posted: 27-01-2017


Mrs Bakes has been studying China with her Year 4 class and been looking at Chinese Zodiacs and Yin Yang's, recreating their own Honest Zodiac Calendar. There are some amazing, creative pieces of work and they are now up in the primary corridor on display for the whole school!!

Here are some pictures of the children in action and some of the final pieces! WELL DONE 4B!!






Posted: 27-01-2017


Growth Mindset at work!

Baleares International College has been focusing this past week on 'Growth Mindset' in anticipation of a day-long workshop for staff.

Students at the school have been taking part in assemblies that introduce the concept and views of a ‘Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset’. This was in preparation for the full in-service training on Friday 27th January, when teachers from the Sant Agusti and Sa Porrassa campuses met to participate in a workshop led by Ms. Tricia Taylor of 'TailoredPractice. Ms Taylor, who travelled from London for this event has been teaching and leading in schools in the UK and New York City for the past 20 years.

The research on ‘Growth Mindset’ is largely the work of Carol S. Dweck, who is a professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Professor Dweck summarises the approach as follows: “As educators, we want all of the students we teach to profit from our efforts. A ‘Growth Mindset’ – ours and theirs – helps students to seek learning, to love learning, and to learn effectively”.

As a prelude to the INSET, a parent workshop was held at nearby 'Otto Rosso' on Thursday evening focusing on 'How your praise has a lasting impact on your child's success'. This event was attended by over 70 parents from both campuses and allowed both school communities to continue to come together. The responses from parents about the workshop was overwhelmingly positive and the feedback received will shape how and when future events are organised.

‘I feel very happy and informed, this is very helpful…’
(Tricia) was very informative, I’m so glad she will be with the teachers tomorrow’
Brilliant workshop, very interesting. Thank you.

At BIC, we know that students who have a certain mindset or attitude to learning, are more successful in school and happier in their learning. A Growth Mindset helps students to seek new challenges and persevere when faced with hard work. A child’s belief about intelligence along with an understanding of the brain, has a big impact on motivation. We are committed as a school to instilling a Growth Mindset in our young students.





Posted: 27-01-2017

At BIC we believe that when children take part actively in their learning it becomes far more meaningful.

This week Year 1&2 Geckos with Miss Upton and Mrs Rouse made the traditional dish "Coleslaw" which relates to their topic "plants and their uses". The KS1 class are learning all about fruit and vegetables that come from plants and seeing how we can make things from the natural ingredients!

Here are some photos of the Geckos in action...





Posted: 27-01-2017


The local council sends traffic police to most schools in the Calvia area in an attempt to pacify traffic during peak hours.

This increased presence however, does mean than there are some knock-on effects: members of the school community have received fixed penalty notices from parking along the 'No Parking' area outside the main building. We remind parents that this area is council property and that the school has no jurisdiction over this space. Parking should be limited to the bays provided and not in the clearly signposted 'No Parking' areas.

Police officer were seen this morning photographing vehicle registration plates. The school Principal discussed the matter with the officers and this is part of a council drive to regularise all resident vehicles.

More information can be found at the following link:

The Direccion General de Traficio will also provide detailed information.

A reminder that the school has its own signposted 600+ car park a short walk from the school just past roundabout 8.



Posted: 20-01-2017


On Thursday 26th January, Tricia Taylor founder of "TailoredPractice" is holding a Parent Workshop with us at Otto Rosso! This is a real opportunity to gain an insight into:

- Mindset growth
- How the brain learns

Please see below for more information (click on the image).


Posted: 20-01-2017


On Tuesday 17th the Butterflies class along with Miss Xidakis made a traditional Greek inspired dip ´Tzatziki´, which relates to their topic ´plants and their uses´ where they are learning all about growing their own products. The children then enjoyed the fresh dip with some crackers for their snack time! DELISHHHH!