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Posted: 26-02-2016

Posted: 22-02-2016

Baleares International College was happy to invite the parents of the Early Years children to school to learn about the new and innovative online learning logs; TAPESTRY.



The Early Years teachers have been working with Tapestry since September and have been taking photographs, making observations and recording evidence of every child's progress. Parents have also been invited to share their home learning experiences and special moments with their children via the Tapestry website. At BIC we are always working towards establishing closer contacts with parents, improving communication and providing parents with more information about their child's progress. Together we are building up a very clear picture of achievement, progress and special moments during the Early Years.


Tapestry creates a two way communication between the EYFS team and parents as the school can upload flexible media meaning making images and videos of what your children are really up to at school. It also allows for greater opportunities to extend learning at home – parents can view next steps and communicate directly with the class teachers at a time of their convenience. In addition, and unlike a physical, hard copy book, it’s easy to share with groups of relatives, such as extended families or central to the international nature of the school, family members abroad.


Photos, videos and observations are uploaded to Tapestry and it is accessed via the android/iOS app or the Tapestry website. It allows parents to comment on observations or add their own. This way parents can show us what their child is doing outside the school day – weekend trips, holidays, cultural visits; all exciting learning opportunities can be shared. An email notification will then be sent to inform parents of new observations and comments. A password is required to access

Tapestry, and parents can only view observations of their own children, or with permission, group observations. The school is now sharing these with parents and we are all naturally excited to see this new means of communicating and sharing student success with parents.


Tapestry is hosted on their own servers in a secure UK data centre and uses the same encryption system as online banking.

Posted: 09-02-2016


Principal to sit on Headteacher Selection Panel.


BIC Principal, Duncan Giles has been invited to sit on the Headteacher Selection Panel at Oldfield School in Bath, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2007 and 2012. The panel will appoint the new Headteacher for the Academic year 2016-2017.

As a governor to the school, Mr. Giles already attends the Curriculum Committee meetings and sits on the school's Full Governing Body. Both of these enable him to keep up to date with current UK practice, work towards increasing attainment and in turn shape the direction of the school.


The Principal will be in the UK in early March and will be able to make good use of his time sharing concerns as well as discussing suggestions and future ideas for BIC with the outgoing and newly appointed Head.



Posted: 09-02-2016


We are very happy to share with you the news that we will be starting ‘The Early Bird Club’ as from Monday 22nd February. Several parents have enquired if we are able to provide before-school care for our pupils and we have decided to start a morning club to support those parents.


The Club will run daily from 08.00 until 08.45 in the Penguins classroom under the supervision of Ms Kirsty Beckett. We intend to make this club an exciting and fun place to be with games and craft activities to provide a stimulating start to the day. Children may also bring an early morning snack if they wish.


The cost of the club to parents is €5 per session which parents will be invoiced for at the end of each month.


Children should be taken straight to the Penguins classroom via the glass doors to the rear of the building near the Early Years classrooms.


Posted: 03-02-2016


Pupils who are preparing for their GCSE Art exam in Year 10 have made some very creative self portraits this term….and not a mobile phone in sight! They incorporated various techniques and media including pen and ink, watercolours, charcoal, collage and photography. 



They felt it was a good experience experimenting with images of themselves and manipulating them to suit their own individual styles of art.


Posted: 03-02-2016


Year 11 students were kindly incited to the Escola d'Hosteleria de les Illes Balears in order to learn first hand the entry requirements and course outlines of the programme delivered there.

There was an introductory lecture about the history of the school and its aims, as well as entry requirements. The visit included a tour of the facilities, including the lecture rooms, kitchens and restaurant areas.

There was also an opportunity to speak to students and teachers and ask questions. Visiting the university was very informative, as they will soon have to make important decisions and choices. 

A very big thank you from Year 11 to Ms Shimell and Mr Birch for organizing this visit.

by Sarah Adolph


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