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Posted: 24-02-2017


The school has over 470 students from over 38 nationalities, BIC is a truly international school where the many cultures and languages of our community are celebrated.


The specialist EAL teacher, Victoria Shakespeare and students in her department were were invited to bring a typical dish from their country with a view to make all children feel proud of their heritage and language of origin and to share customs and traditions with the rest of the groups.

They enjoyed cakes from Sweden, sweets from Denmark, bread and chocolate from Germany, Swiss chocolate, Mallorcan pa amb oli and Ms Shakespeare's homemade apple crumble. It was a really lovely day and they thoroughly enjoyed learning more about their peers culture.

The school hopes to organise a whole-school event in order to develop this wonderful initiative.




Posted: 24-02-2017


The time of year that our students thoroughly enjoy has finally come…Carnival!!!


Carnival is a festive season, which occurs immediately before Lent. It typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. All of these were present in our grounds when the sa Porrassa students showed off their creative talents as they came to school in a fantastic array of costumes.


Pupils in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 arrived at school before in imaginative and flamboyant costumes. These were  showed  off throughout the day and also in two parades. Prizes were awarded to a number of these, but the real winner was the whole school as BIC enjoyed a festive and joyful atmosphere throughout the day!.


There were some amazing creative costumes from the BFG, clowns, policemen, animals, fairies, jockeys, cavemen and a even a popcorn box to name but a few. There was even a special visit from Mr Donald Trump from the White House!  Teachers also joined in!


It was a great day, enjoyed by all




Posted: 24-02-2017

CARNIVAL DAY FUN - Where´s Wally?

Miss Xidakis came to school dressed as the famous "Wally" from the series of Where´s Wally books. The book consists of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. Readers are challenged to find a character named Wally hidden in the group who is dressed in distinctive striped clothing.

Miss Xidakis played a Wally themed game at school with her Butterfly class where she hid and the children had to find her. Aaron Graff was the first pupil to find Miss Xidakis (Wally)! WELL DONE AARON!!





Posted: 24-02-2017



Year 5 have been learning all about upcycling, injecting a new lease of life into some previously discarded rubbish! For their learning log topic, they were asked to think about the process where old or unwanted materials can be converted into something useful and often beautiful. For a homework project they were asked to upcycle something of their own and here are some of their amazing designs.

Please do come and visit the school to see how the vivid imagination of your students is reflected in this amazing project.

The exhibit will be on display in reception for 3 weeks, we welcome all to visit and to also look out for their photographs in tomorrows Daily Bulletin!







Posted: 17-02-2017


Year 9 pupils have worked cross-curricularly this term combining Science with Art. In the lab they have photographed cells under the microscope and used these images for a source of inspiration in their art. Experimentation with media and techniques such as watercolour and acrylics mixed with soap gave pupils an opportunity to create striking bubble paintings which could represent microscopic cells. Artists such as Vik Muniz and David Goodsell were introduced to pupils through a series of videos which explored bacteria, viruses and diseases under the microscope and later made large scale paintings and photographs of their findings.

This is an interesting blog post which talks about artists who have experimented in these areas:







Posted: 17-02-2017


BIC Brazilian Ju Jitsu Extra Curricular classes with Joe are in full flow at Sa Porassa. Students are gaining confidence whilst learning the discipline of a martial art.
The classes are running every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 4pm.
To book a place for your child email: [email protected]






Posted: 10-02-2017



Our fabulous Mrs Von Waberer has been teaching her KS2 class all about the Stone Age. They made beautiful clay pots and learnt all about the houses and living conditions from the era, to then create their very own!

They collected leaves and sticks from the playground to make their own caves from Paleolithic Stone Age and houses from Mesolithic Stone Age.

The creativity and the work produced is outstanding and we had to share it with you!! WELL DONE 3S!






Posted: 10-02-2017


Year 6 trip to Pueblo Español

Yesterday the Year 6 children visited the beautiful Pueblo Español in Palma. This was a joint English and Spanish trip that enhanced the children's learning of their topic ´Explorers´and gained an insight into Spanish architecture.

On arrival the children visited an interested exhibition on Christopher Columbus. They listened to an informative talk about his life and looked at some historical documents and maps. This was followed by a guided tour of Pueblo Español where the children had the chance to learn about Spanish culture, heritage and architecture by being shown around the beautiful replicas of many famous Spanish buildings.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful warm, sunny day and the children not only had an educational but fun day!





Posted: 10-02-2017


Penguin Class have been enjoying learning about Plants in this term´s science topic with Mrs Cortes. They have observed different kinds of plants, flowers and herbs and thought about their uses. The children have learnt that you can eat many different parts of plants; the stems, leaves, roots, seeds, flowers and fruit. The Penguins were excited to taste some of the different fruits that plants provide for us so they made Rainbow Fruit Kebabs in class. Oscar said that he adored the kebabs, they were delicious!





Posted: 03-02-2017

I don’t have everything I need - I will wait until I do

Students in Year 11 took part in an assembly and workshop led by the school Principal, Duncan Giles. The focus was on 'Challenge unhelpful conclusions' and was aimed at students preparing for their mock examinations and final iGCSE examination session in May/June. The purpose was to instill in students a work ethic in this final stretch and to offer tools with which to avoid the pitfalls of procrastination.