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Students attending the Baleares International College follow the English National Curriculum.

The Upper Secondary Educational programme studied by students between the ages of 14 and 18 years is as follows;

In Year 10 and Year 11 (aged 16 years) pupils study between 8 and 10 examination courses including Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, German, French, Art, Physical Education, Computer Studies, Business Studies and Drama. These examinations are designed and accredited by the Cambridge International Examination Board and the Edexcel Examination Board of London.

On successful completion of these examinations students gain qualifications known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), with grades A* to G being awarded.

At the beginning of Year 12 students then select a smaller number of subjects to study in much greater depth, for the A Level qualification (Advanced Level). The subjects studied are similar to the above list. The same examination boards set and assess the qualifications and at the end of Year 12 (aged 17years) students take the first set of examinations to gain AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level), which is the first half of the A Level. At the end of their Year 13 (aged 18 years) they take the second half (A2 Level) final examinations and are awarded an overall A Level qualification certificate, grades A* to E.

With these examination successes students can attend Universities in a large number of countries worldwide including; Spain, the United Kingdom and many European universities as well as universities in America, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Examination Results

At Baleares International College we are always pleased to celebrate the achievements of our international student body and share those successes with you. We are very pleased to build and improve on results year on year. In June 2015, our students in Year 11 entered over 15 subjects at IGCSE level whilst our Sixth Form students’ examination range stretched over 11 subjects. We are happy to inform that we have had a 10% increase in Year 11 students obtaining grade A* - C in more than 5 subjects.

In Year 11, our students enter IGCSE examinations with the majority of subjects taken through the Cambridge International Examination Board. Whilst grades A* to G are available, most employers and higher education institutions only take account of Higher Grade passes which are defined as Grade C or above. These grades are an indicator of overall success and are a requirement for entry into our Sixth Form.

Students enter GCE Advanced Level and International Advanced Level examinations during Year 12 and 13; these examinations are used by universities as one of the international standards for university entrance. On the basis of these results, places on particular courses will be offered to students.

 Current Year 12 students follow the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) course; in turn they would then choose to continue their studies to the full A Level in Year 13.

2015 Results


% of students passing with grades A*-A24%
% of students passing with grades A*-B52%
% of students passing with grades A*-C81%
Overall pass rate99%

Advanced Level

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

% of students passing with grades A –B45%
% of students passing with grades A-E74%

GCE Advanced Level

% of students passing with grades A - B33%
% of students passing with grades A – E86%

These results could only have been achieved by experienced teachers working with relatively small groups of well-motivated students who enjoy the splendid support of families who really value education.