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EAL and Language Programmes

Spanish Language Programme

All our pupils learn Spanish at their appropriate level.

They are taught by qualified Spanish teachers.

Spanish teaching across all Key Stages includes Spanish as a Foreign Language and Spanish for Native Speakers.

German Language Programme

This programme is a special feature of the enhanced curriculum at Baleares International College. Many students study German at their appropriate level.

They are taught by qualified German teachers.

English as an Additional Language

At Baleares International College we provide an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for pupils whose first language is not English and who require additional help with the English language in order to access the mainstream curriculum successfully.

The EAL programme operates across all Key Stages and at different levels to cater for a pupil’s individual needs and requirements.

New pupils are assessed on arrival at the school to determine their level of English and are grouped accordingly.

Existing pupils are assessed at the start of the academic year to determine the group they will join.

During the school year pupils are assessed regularly and have an opportunity either to move to a higher group or leave EAL altogether.