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Posted: 22-12-2016


Here's Office timetable during Christmas holidays:

Wednesday 21Thursday 22Friday 23Saturday 24Sunday 25
09:00 - 14:0009:00 - 14:0009:00 - 14:00ClosedClosed
Monday 26Tuesday 27Wednesday 28Thursday 29Friday 30Saturday 31Sunday 1
Monday 2Tuesday 3Wednesday 4Thursday 5Friday 6Saturday 7Sunday 8
Closed09:00 - 14:0009:00 - 14:0009:00 - 14:00ClosedClosedClosed

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Posted: 22-12-2016




'Is this a dagger which I see before me?

Students in Year 9 were able to support their English Literature studies by attending an English language production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Performed by the Morgana Theatre Company, the performance allowed students to see one of the great tragedies of Shakespeare's work.



Posted: 22-12-2016




Members of Year 12 and 13 taking Physics A Level as well as those taking the single science in Year 11 are visiting CERN in Switzerland,

''CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives the physicists clues about how the particles interact, and provides insights into the fundamental laws of nature.''

We look forward to their return and applying the information and knowledge gained into their studies and in doing so positively impact their learning outcomes




Posted: 22-12-2016




The BIC Choir and the BIC School Band were on tour again this morning. Performing at the Christmas Music Day as part of the Christmas Festival of Music organised by the Rana Foundation and in collaboration with the Rafael Nadal Foundation, our school musicians repeated their stellar performance from last Saturday at the Porto Pi shopping centre in Palma,

Many congratulations to all who participated - Sa Porrassa and Sant Agusti students took part as well as to Mrs Baggaley and Mr. Hughes. Special thanks to all parents who made it into Palma to support our Choir.




Posted: 16-12-2016



On Wednesday 14th, students in our EYFS, our Lambs and Little Lambs entertained an audience with a medley of Christmas songs and carols. For over 30 minutes, our pupils aged 3-4 filled the stage with festive cheer and joy.

A most beautiful spectacle, towards the end, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Well done to all students and the class teachers, Miss Enright, Miss Wardle and Miss Ratcliffe.



Posted: 16-12-2016


Many thanks to all parents, visitors and friends who have been completing our 'Message fro Christmas' tree. We are happy to share some of these with you.

Cards are still available from Astrid at the main reception desk.






Posted: 16-12-2016


Students from both the Sant Agusti and Sa Porrassa campuses joined forces to perform at the Christmas charity gala organised last night by the JoyRon Foundation at the Boathouse in Palma. The choir, led by the charismatic Anita Baggaley were able to sing a number of traditional christmas carols and modern classics such as Michael Jackson's ´We are the World' or Cliff Richard's ´Mistletoe and Wine'.

The backdrop of both the city of Palma and the magnificent cathedral along with the many Christmas lights on show made the evening more memorable. There were a number of activities for children; games, a raffle and lucky dip and no shortage of hot dogs and mulled wine for the adults.

The BIC turnout was excellent with many parents, staff, current and former students all making the effort to support our choir and continue with the festive spirit.

The collaboration between both schools continues and the coming together through the choir is another excellent opportunity for the BIC to work together.

More information on the JoyRon foundation can found at Their work in support of children in need and at risk is exemplary and the school is proud to support such a worthy cause.




Posted: 16-12-2016


On a sunny Winter’s morning, Year 5 excitedly set off for their school excursion to Natura Parc, in Santa Eugenia. The trip was to mark the culmination of a unit of work in science, where the children studied the life-cycles and habitats of many different animal classifications. The visit to Natura Parc allowed the children to experience first hand the wide variety of animals, insects and birds the park has to offer. The children were impressed to learn that, contrary to their expectations, the majority of animals there were not born there or bought as exhibits by the park but were, in fact, rescued from situations where either their habitat or life were endangered. Some animals had been donated when they were no longer viable as exotic pets, others were literally rescued from circuses or illegal owners.

‘’Our guide told us many interesting but strange facts. One of the lions rescued from a circus had its claws pulled all out and its teeth filed. He told us that nearly all of the animals there had been rescued or given to Natura Parc because at their home they did not have enough space,medical care,time or food etc. We also learned about the history, homes and natural behaviour of the animals.’’

Florian (Yr 5)





The children particularly enjoyed a close up experience with the lemurs and the ‘Toca Toca’ time feeding and touching the goats and sheep. Overall, it was an interesting and worthwhile visit for the children that gave them plenty of food for thought.





Posted: 16-12-2016


The school would like to invite parents, students and friends to enter our 'Believe Inspire Challenge' photograph competition.

In a world where smart phones mean we are all instant photographers, we ask for entries depicting any or all three of our mission statement words; BELIEVE, INSPIRE, CHALLENGE.

Criteria will include originality, distance or even the challenge of taking the photograph in the first place. Entries can be for either of the three keywords or as a trio. Please send them to [email protected]

We will publish these as and when they arrive on our Facebook page and announce the winners at the end of the school year. Prizes are not always what these type of competitions are about, but something suitable will be found for those who surprise us with their endeavours.

To start proceedings, the school Principal has shared his first three entries - enter as often as you like!


BELIEVE - Bristol International Airport, Arrivals, Bristol, UK. 




INSPIRE - Eroski, Stationary section(Aisle 8), Santa Ponsa




CHALLENGE - Zara Kids, L'Illa shopping centre, Barcelona



Posted: 05-12-2016



Christmas is here and the school begins to take on festive cheer. The red, green and gold so characteristic of this season can be found throughout the school and class teachers and students have begun to decorate their spaces with seasonal decorations; tress, baubles, glitter and tinsel.



The Primary Department have a number of events planned for the coming weeks that we happily share with you here:

Monday 19th December
We will be having our Primary Christmas lunch, complete with crackers, party hats and Christmas carols. 
Early Years to Year 6 Christmas Parties

Wednesday 14th December
Early Years class (Lambs and Little Lamb) will perform a Christmas celebration at 9.15

Friday 16th December
Year 1 and 2 children will perform the Christmas Nativity play. at 09.30

Tuesday 20th December
This is the last day of term and school will finish at 12.30 when reports will be handed out. This is a non-school uniform day and children may wear what they wish.

There will be a whole-school assembly led by the Principal at 12.00 that parents may attend if they wish. The Choir will also perform on that morning.

As you can see, there are busy few days ahead as we prepare for this holiday season.

An email detailing the above was sent out by the school office on Friday December 2nd.






Posted: 05-12-2016


Christmas has arrived at BIC and amongst the many activities and events planned for students, we have also come up with some that parents and visitors to the school can join in with too.



'A Message for Christmas' invites you to leave your hand-written message on our tree. Labels can be collected from Astrid in Reception who also has an assortment of gold pens!



We were honoured to receive the visit from group Chairman, Mr. Kevin McNeany and he had the distinction of writing the first message which we now share with you.



We look forward to receiving many messages in as many languages as possible.




Posted: 05-12-2016


The BIC Christmas Fair was a great success, thanks to the efforts of all who attended. The PTSA were out in full strength; their silent auction a centrepiece to the days events. The trees on display were beautiful and generated much praise, Special mention to the members of the Helping Hands committee who did much to ensure the school continues its fund raising activity. Members of the school staff did extremely well, with a variety of stalls, concessions and activity workshops manned by colleagues. Thank you very much, Finally, many thanks to all the parents, students and friends who took time to visit the school, your presence was much appreciated as were the sterling efforts of the school choir and student band. To all, thank you for making this years event a great success. 





Posted: 05-12-2016


We would like to thank all students who took part in our Christmas Card Competition. There were over 100 entries from most of the year groups, so deciding on a number of finalists was very difficult indeed. Entries were varied, depicting a number of Christmas scenes, trees, elves, and a number of favourite characters. We will try to display as many as possible in the days running up to the end of term.


The 2016 Finalists are:

Magnus (Penguins) - A very colourful and detailed image of Father Christmas delivering presents. Well done for using up as much of the space as possible and what a lovely idea to make the house number he's delivering to be No. 25; Christmas Day.



Sofia (Y3) A lovely image of Father Christmas collecting his presents before delivery. It is wonderful to see that the gifts are labelled Peace, Happiness, Love, Laughter and Joy. At times when consumerism is high, to see these virtues being given as gifts is a timely reminder to all as to the message of Christmas.



Avi (Y3) A design that is very effective in part due to its simplicity. A Christmas fir, dressed with a very important message; 'Merry Christmas from BIC' For students to feel at the heart of our community is so very important and the use of the festive colours that are green and red complement the message well.



Aaron (Y3) A very detailed design, showing a gloriously decorated tree, complete with candles, candy canes and the all important star. It embodies the spirit of joy as a young child looks towards Christmas morning to open the presents left for him during the night. Special mention goes to the variety of toys o sho, the traditional with the modern.



Patricia (Y5) Humour is often found in many Christmas cards, and this one is no exception. The message in this design is made all the stronger by its clean and simple lines. Also, who better than to wish you all a Merry Christmas than a red nosed reindeer.



Belen (Y8) A traditional card that reminds us of the Christian message at this time of year, the birth of baby Jesus. Impressive is the use of white paint on a blue background to highlight Mary and Jesus.



The final winner will be announced on the last day of term, Tuesday 20th where they will take receipt of their framed design as well as assorted art and design products.

Please feel free to comment on any favourites you may have too!



Posted: 05-12-2016


The Choir have begun their list of engagements for this festive season with performances at the Anglican Church and the Christmas Fair here at school. Their repertoire of songs is excellent and their very moving rendition of 'Hallelujah' a fitting tribute to Leonard Cohen who passed away earlier this month.



Please note the dates of their next performances, every opportunity to see our talented young singers is highly recommended.

Saturday December 10th- Boat House, Palma at 1800.

Friday December 16th- SAAR Portals and Mood Beach as from 1100.

Saturday December 17th- Porto Pi Shopping Centre, Palma at a time to be confirmed.



Posted: 05-12-2016


The school would like to thank all parents and students for their excellent support for our 2016 Shoe Box Appeal in aid of SI MALLORCA. Special thanks as well to parents Britta Hahnebeck and Claire Kelly who coordinated the appeal alongside Art teacher, Miss Emilia Conway.



Students really took to the idea and to see them this morning, loading the van with their boxes full of festive cheer was very heartwarming.



Si Mallorca aim to provide support to those families across the island who are in need. The boxes will go towards vulnerable children who at this time of year may find themselves in sheltered accommodation.



More information on the charity can be found at:


Posted: 05-12-2016


After many updates on the MUN trip, a brief reminder that school trips are not just about developing the academic potential of students but also an opportunity for these to discover a new city and bond with one another as a group. The recent trip to Barcelona was no different and Year 12 students were able to enjoy a mini-gastronomic tour of the Sarria district of the city; enjoying 'patatas bravas' in the famed Bar Tomas or croquetes in 'Canalla'. The evening ended in the equally well known 'Vivanda' and a tasting of their potato omelette.

The MUN also arranged for a social mixer evening where all delegates were able to enjoy an evening out away from the rigours of international diplomacy. The final image of all students forming a circle best embodies the true spirit of the MUN, young adults coming together, irrespective of background, nationality of faith.



Many thanks to all and see you at MUN 2017



Bar Tomas is a well know Barcelona landmark that even featured in the Wall Street Journal



Posted: 05-12-2016


Miss Von Waberer's Year 3 class performed an emotive and emotionally impacting assembly last Friday. As part of their topic work on 'Africa', pupils were able to explore the origins of apartheid and the significant role played by Nelson Mandela and the birth the modern South Africa; the Rainbow Nation. Tribal music and messages of peace and tolerance were shared with all who attended.



A wonderful assembly that hopefully inspires those who performed as well as those in the audience.

'Our class 3V's assembly was about Nelson Mandela. I loved every bit of it and I loved learning about Nelson. I loved the dancing and songs. I love Nelson because he is an inspirational hero. I got to learn a song in an African language'
By Ruby Daly aged 8



Many congratulations to those who took part. Well done!





Posted: 05-12-2016


Sixth Form student, Leonard Goernert has spent the last few days conducting a series of experiments to test the cognitive ability of teachers and students as part of his A Level Psychology course. Reaction times are logged after reading a series of key words and colours measuring reaction times and speed of recognition. Times are kept confidential and findings will shape his coursework on the subject.

The Principal, Mr Giles was also tested and his reaction times logged.




Posted: 05-12-2016

BIC has a long tradition of being a school that embraces charitable causes. For many years, our students have worked tirelessly to ensure we never forget the position of privilege we find ourselves in. The 'Helping Hands' committee embodies this spirit and their efforts are a testament to the commitment they place in helping others.




The activities they support and lead are aimed at raising awareness across our entire student body, faculty and school community. To celebrate their achievements, Year 13 student Anna De Medeiros designed the new 'corporate' look of the committee and their 'image' is used to help promote their activities and ensure these goodwill ambassadors are recognised wherever they go. In the main image, committee Chair, Sara Adolph takes receipt of the framed logo that will proudly hang in our new reception area.

''I was kindly asked to design the logo for our charity "helping hands" at the start of this academic year at Baleares International College .My main focus for the design was to communicate what this charity is actually about just by a glance at the logo. It portrays the happiness we are giving to the children in need, the young atmosphere of the helpers and the love we try to share with our "helping hands" - Anna de Medeiros




The committee was very active during the recent Christmas Fair and especially so in the 'Walk for those who Can't' charity march. We look forward to sharing more details of their efforts.