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The Baleares International College, bases its programme on the English National Curriculum, the body of skills and knowledge approved by the British government and taught throughout England and Wales, as well as international schools worldwide.

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High academic standards depend on a good working environment and a willing student. The school is lucky to have excellent facilities and educational resources. The programme is well balanced: there is time for music, drama and sports as well as academic work.        

 Primary Department




Key stage



Early Years Foundation stage



Early Years Foundation Stage


Year 1

Key Stage 1


Year 2

Key Stage 1


Year 3

Key Stage 2


Year 4

Key Stage 2


Year 5

Key Stage 2


Year 6

Key Stage2

Secondary Department





Key stage

11 - 12

Year 7

Key Stage 3

12 - 13

Year 8

Key Stage 3

13 -14

Year 9

Key Stage 3

14 - 15

Year 10

Year 1 of the two year IGCSE course

15 – 16

Year 11

Year 2 of the two year IGCSE course

16 - 17

Year 12

Sixth Form First Year of A Levels

17 - 18

Year 13

Sixth Form Second Year of A Levels




This structure has the flexibility and adaptability to underpin a sound academic English language education which prepares students for entrance to prestigious universities worldwide and for success in professional and personal life. For the international community with mobile jobs, it allows easy transfer to and from other British system schools anywhere in the world.

International Diversity & Languages

The curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of the different nationalities of students at BIC. The prime goal is a high quality of English language taught and spoken in the school. We are committed to ensuring an English speaking environment for native speakers and learners of English alike.

The majority of pupils are native speakers who have their skills and competence in the use of their language extended, enabling them to benefit from the experience of working and playing with a global community.

Special features of the programme are the high profile given to the extensive Language Programme, which includes English, Spanish and German.