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When it was announced that Year 6H would be hosting their very own quiz show, everyone knew that it was going to be something a little different. Throughout the quiz, the pupils had the opportunity to discuss their dreams for the future, whether it be for their perfect day or perfect job. They delighted the audience with their poetry, singing and computer skills.
Both parents and pupils got into the spirit by participating enthusiastically and it really was a ‘Perfect’ Assembly !

“Kuwakaribisha to yetu mkutano” was how we began our assembly. It means welcome to 3D’s assembly in Swahili. We have been learning about Africa and used lots of fascinating facts as part of our presentation. For example we said how the big five animals are the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. We told about some of the features of Africa, the longest river is the Nile and the highest mountain is Kilimanjaro. Each of us learned how to say hello or goodbye in one of Africa’s many languages and we all wore something bright and colourful. We sang Jambo Bwano, a song in Swahili.
It was good fun, our mums and dads enjoyed it a lot and we learned lots about Africa.

Written by Ismene, Farrah, Gisele, Archie and Gabriel- Year 3.

Posted: 20-10-2015

One of the first class Assemblies of the new school year was confidently and entertainingly presented by Miss Upton and her pupils in Year 4U, who have been busy learning about the Romans. The children themselves stepped into the role of Romans, becoming soldiers, builders, governers and Roman ladies, as they fought,built walls, farmed the land, went shopping and told us about their life.
They sang a song together about the Roman invasion and had great fun presenting their learning in a light hearted, but meaningful way.