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April 2016

Posted: 27-04-2016



This week, BIC staff said adios to Concha Galicia, who is better known as “Señora Concha” as she retired from teaching. Concha started teaching Spanish in 2000 at BIC (at that time known as BIS in San Agustin). Since then, she has been working in both Primary and Secondary school with groups of all ages. She has helped raise pupil’s level of Spanish comprehension, preparing them for final examinations and in doing so achieving highest results.

All the staff would like to thank her for her work and dedication, as we say goodbye to a great colleague and a professional teacher. We wish her all the best for the coming years and hope she enjoys her free time, discovering new, exciting experiences in her new day to day life. ¡Gracias por todo Concha!

Posted: 27-04-2016


Mallorca is a wonderful place to live, as we all know, but it is made even more special by the people who live here and at BIC we were very honoured to welcome one of Mallorca’s wonderful people, Mr Lee Graham, aka Leapy Lee.



Lee became part of our Enrichment programme, where pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 are basing this term’s work on the presentation of an end of year festival at the school. He performed like a true professional, singing several songs, with all of the pupils enthusiastically joining in with his big hit, Little Arrows.



He told the children about life in the pop world in the 1960s, answered many questions and reminded the pupils of how important it is to have something academic to fall back on if you wish to pursue a career in show business.

The children and teachers all enjoyed this special concert and would like to thank Lee for his time and effort.

Posted: 27-04-2016


The School Choir is a very important part of life at BIC and after winning our prize in the St Patrick’s Day Parade, some singers were treated to lunch at Bar Peculiar, which is across the road from school. This is owned by Miguel Sanso and Sonia Martorell, whose sons, Toni and Xisco have both studied at BIC. 



They put on a delicious spread of food for the children and everyone enjoyed the chance to be together out of school in a more informal setting. The Choir are now busy preparing for Europe Day on May 8th and the recording of their Lighting up The Flame song for the Voices around the World Choir. Thanks from the Choir to Calvia for this prize and to Bar Peculiar for their hospitality

Posted: 20-04-2016


It is always a great pleasure to welcome former pupils to school and even greater when this person has worked hard and is keen to display her amazing talent to pupils. Brianna was a pupil at BIC from Year 3 to 13 and has many fond memories of teachers and lessons, but now she is composing and producing her own songs while performing in places like Mallorca, Italy and Germany.



Pupils from KS3 were amazed at her powerful voice and charisma, asking many questions about her singing career, as well about her days at school. We would like to thank Brianna for her wonderful concert and hope that she will return in the future.


Posted: 20-04-2016


Following on from the success of World Book Day, BIC annually order books from Scholastic Book Club, seeing many of our parents and children taking advantage of the new online ordering system. Some of the most popular choices were books by Roald Dahl and Tom Gates and the children eagerly await the arrival of their new books, which they can’t wait to start to read.



Pupils in Years 1 to 8 had the great pleasure of learning about story writing in a different way, when Mr Tony Wilson, a very talented teacher, story teller and musician visited school for a day. He gave Primary teachers a taster of what was to come in a wonderfully entertaining interactive training session, followed by sessions for all classes, which everyone found stimulating and inspiring. Tony has a deep understanding of what works with children, with his use of instruments and the clever way he uses his voice, face and body all adding to a great experience.


Here is what some of the children had to say:

“Tony Wilson is a great story teller and musician and I love the actions to his stories,” by Matz

“Tony told us funny stories and the banjo was my favourite instrument,” by Nico.

“I loved the story teller because he was so funny and we made our own story about a girl from Mallorca going to Egypt,” by Daniel.


Posted: 20-04-2016


Baleares International College recently welcomed golf professionals Jose Insua, Pau Padros and instructors from the Spain Golf Academy Mallorca to our first Golf event at school.




Students took part in a range of very enjoyable and challenging golf activities throughout the day, suitable for the beginner to the more experienced player. Classes from our Primary and Secondary sections experienced putting, chipping and a brief full swing analysis from Jose Insua on the inflatable practice area.




In collaboration with T Golf and Country Club Poniente, students, parents and teachers have been invited to the Golf Open Day on the 23rd of April, where they will be able to experience the full range of facilities on offer at the course. T Golf and Country Club Poniente will also host our International Schools Golf Tournament this summer.



For more information on Golf activities please contact Mr John Birch at the college.


Posted: 20-04-2016


Baleares International College has a firm commitment to promote the professional development of its staff and was pleased that Mr David Green (Geography) sought the opportunity to attend the Cambridge International Examinations workshop in Rome.




'The course was beneficial in many aspects, covering bespoke teaching techniques and ideas as well as tips for IGCSE exam preparation and the marking of examination papers.
What I found most useful was the opportunity to meet fellow geography teachers (30 in total) from a range of international teaching backgrounds. We were able to share and exchange teaching ideas for the subject, many of which I have brought back to BIC'


Posted: 20-04-2016


BIC is happy to promote all extra-curricular activities, but especially those with strong academic merit.

The virtues of chess are well known as more than 30 countries have made chess a required part of the curriculum. In these countries, children frequently possess stronger abilities to recognize patterns. Chess players learn not just logic and patience but creativity and deliberation. We invite all parents and students to join the Thursday Chess Club, held in the school terrace area. The club will run from 16.00-17.00 and is led by Mr. Alexander Skora. It's your move!



The following article in the Diario de Mallorca and a similar article in The Washington Post may be of interest:



Posted: 20-04-2016


As many of you may know, Mallorca is one of the destination choices for many of the professional cycling teams. It is also a preferred spot for amateur and keen cyclists too. We are lucky to have a budding star of the velodrome in young Joshua Murphy (Year 7)



Having joined the 'CC Inca' team in March of last year, Joshua has been excelling at the sport and competing at national level. Joshua competed for the first time on the mainland on April 2nd, where he came 2nd in his age bracket and 11th overall - our of 56 riders at the Valencia meet. Sunday saw Joshua compete in Alicante, earning a place on the podium out a field of 25 riders.



We wholeheartedly applaud Joshua in his efforts and pursuit of sporting excellence. On his race, Joshua explained how the greatest challenge, was understandably, to ´Keep up with the race leader!´

Posted: 12-04-2016




Year 4 Pitch Perfect


At BIC there are always a lot of cross curricular activities to enhance learning and pupils in Year 4B have been investigating sound and pitch in their music and science lessons. They were given the project of making their own musical instruments from materials found around the house, making guitars, different types of trumpets, a piano and even a drum set, which all formed their own class orchestra making great sounds.

Posted: 12-04-2016



Year 9 Music


Pupils in Year 9 have had a new addition to their curriculum this year at BIC, as they have one music lesson a week, during which they are learning to play two part rhythms on the bongos, understand the language of music, appreciate famous musicians and perform together as an ensemble. They have recently performed their own arrangement of the song Reality by Lost Frequency, accompanied by a selection of percussion instruments and Barni and Mads on their guitars, with all pupils seemed to enjoy the experience of producing something exciting together.

Posted: 12-04-2016




Year 8 Meteorologists


Year 8 Geography students took to the roof to observe weather conditions using the BIC weather centre. The students, who are currently studying the topic of weather and climate with their teacher Mr Green, were able to view, read and even try to predict the weather using the equipment. Students commented that it is much easier to understand how weather is measured when they can actually see the instruments and collect the data themselves. Mr David Green, Subject Leader for Geography, will be in Rome for two days completing a Cambridge International Examinations workshop in preparation for his IGCSE course delivery.