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Admissions and Attendance policy

Criteria for Admission

  • the College’s ability to meet the needs of the pupil;
  • an available space in the appropriate age group. Pupils should not be admitted into a year group outside of their age group unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If there is not a space available, the pupil will be placed upon a waiting list. Consideration will also be given to maintaining a gender balance.

Pupil Transfer

If the College is unable to meet the needs of a pupil at any time, there is discussion with the parents and the parents may be advised to find alternative provision.

If a pupil moves to another College a record is kept of where the pupil has moved to and reports or references are sent as requested

Recording Admissions and Attendance

Only the College can approve absence, not the parent/guardian. The absence of pupils without an established reason should be recorded. The school will keep admission and attendance registers in paper and electronically.

Monitoring Attendance

Attendance registers are taken once a day, using the laid down school procedures.

Persistent poor punctuality/ absence will involve the pastoral staff, pupil and parents.

Holidays during Term Time

The Principal is able to authorise absence for special or unusual circumstances e.g. a special family event (e.g. wedding, funeral, degree, national or international performance).

The Ability of the College to Meet the Needs of the Pupil

In order to ascertain whether the College is able to meet the needs of the pupil the school:

  • may invite the pupil to come for an introductory day or part of a day in order to meet the teachers and fellow pupils;
  • require copies of previous reports and records including a record of behaviour.

Pupils may also be asked to undertake additional assessments.

If a pupil has special educational needs, an assessment may be carried out to evaluate those needs in order to ensure that the school is able to offer the appropriate support and facilities.

If the school is concerned that it cannot meet the needs of a pupil there is further discussion with the parents.

If it is decided that the school cannot meet the needs of the pupil, then in the interests of the pupil, the registration is not accepted.

The school maintains the right to exclude any pupil whose behaviour undermines the education of the other pupils, or whose educational or social needs prove to be beyond those which the school can address. This includes the discovery of any previous undisclosed facts such as a criminal record or exclusion.