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Admissions Policy


The Admissions Policy establishes our criteria for admission.  


  • Baleares International College (Sa Porrassa) is a member of the Orbital Education group of schools.  It is an open access school with places being generally offered without reference to ability or aptitude.
  • Students are not barred from admission to the school on the grounds of race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, first language, religion, attainment level, gender, disability (within the limitations of physical surroundings), class, background or any other reason that cannot be shown as justifiable.
  • The ethos of this school is based on our desire to provide a high quality education.  We insist on high standards, we expect our young people to work to the best of their ability, to behave in a way which shows courtesy to those around them and to wear their uniform smartly.  We ask all parents applying for a place here to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.

Admission arrangements

The School agrees that the following admission arrangements will apply with effect from 1 September 2016.

  • Students are normally admitted to EYFS to Year 11, without reference to ability or aptitude. (See Appendix 1)
  • Admissions will be such as to ensure that each year group will not exceed the intake number for that year group (20/25 students)
  • See Appendix 2 for Sixth Form Admissions.


Determination of Priorities

The school has to operate an equal preference system.  In the event of over-subscription, all applications for the school will be considered equally and ranked in order of how they meet the criteria. 

  • Students currently on roll (for re-registration purposes)
  • Where a student has a sibling attending/who attended the school. (a sibling refers to children who are:- brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, stepbrother or sister, the child of the parent/carers partner and in every case the child should be living in the same family unit at the same address).
  • A student currently enrolled at the other Baleares International College (Yr 6 → Yr 7) at the San Agustin site
  • Children of members of staff employed at the school for at least two years at the time of application for admission.
  • A student currently enrolled at another school within the Orbital Education group.
  • Other students.



Applications should be made to the school Registrar. Applicants should either complete an initial enquiry form when they visit the school, or an online application form if they are unable to visit. This enables the Registrar to register their interest in the school database. 

If an applicant wishes to progress their registration, they must supply the child’s latest school report to establish if the Principal can offer a place.

Once a place has been offered, the applicant must pay the one-off deposit and annual registration fee to 
secure this place. Places are not guaranteed until the school has received the necessary payment.

Existing parents in the school are also asked to pay the re-registration fee for the next academic year and return it to the school by the end of April. In doing so, the fee remains the same as the previous year. For those who pay after this date, their place is not guaranteed - places will be given on a first come first serve basis with other applicants - and they may incur an increase in the registration fee. 

A waiting list is kept for a full academic year.  If there is over-subscription all children will be ranked in the same order as the published over-subscription criteria.   The waiting list will be adjusted to take account of late or in-year applications.



The policy is monitored by the Principal and the Education Development Officer for Orbital Education. 



The policy is evaluated in the following ways: informal discussion with parents; discussion with the local Department of Education in the case of Spanish nationals and through consultation with Orbital Education. 


Appendix 1

Early arrival 

When considering EARLY arrival to the EYFS (those students who by September 1st are NOT 3 years of age), the child should be physically, socially and emotionally mature and be working at a level which is at least comparable with the most able children in the year above.

In order to make an informed decision, the following will be needed by the school:

  • the written agreement of parents/carers;
  • evidence that the parents understand that the pupil will need to complete that academic year as well as the  subsequent years.
  • copies of up to date and relevant reports detailing educational attainment.

There will be 2 additional entry dates for these students: a) the start of the Easter Term and b) the start of the Summer Term

The final decision will be taken by the Principal.

In considering MID-YEAR  transfer to either Primary or Secondary, Baleares International College requires: 

  • copies of up to date and relevant reports detailing educational attainment;

In the event of said pupil arriving from the Spanish system, reports for the last 3 years of consecutive study MUST be provided as these are required for an eventual convalidation process. 

The final decision will be taken by the Principal.

Appendix 2

Sixth Form Admissions

Students study at least four subjects in Year 12 and must continue with at least three subjects in Year 13.

Admission Requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at grade C or above including English and Maths.  It is advisable to have an A or B grade at GCSE level in each subject to be studied at AS level.
  • Students arriving from schools not following the British system or unfamiliar with the British system AND/OR not taking GCSEs may be asked to sit an assessment in the chosen A level subjects so as to ascertain access to the curriculum. 

The final decision will be taken by the Principal.