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Working to raise money for various charities has always been at the forefront of many events at BIC and over the years, the school has raised money for many worthwhile causes, both on and off the island.
This year, the school charity group ‘Helping Hands’ has worked really hard to help those in need, beginning with the Halloween disco, where €483.66 was raised and continuing with successful Valentines disco and flowers, pancakes and a snack sale, amounting to €1659.
The wonderful KS2 performance of BIC’s version of The Lion King was a sell out for two nights, raising €1620, along with an additional €358 from refreshments. The Charity team managed to raise €4320.66 for Mediterranea and €905.01 for the Rotary Club Sponsored Walk.
The Race against Hunger in May made the spectacular sum of €3820.31 and €232 was raised at the Concert for Cancer, donated to Calanova Cancer Care to go towards buying a wig for a very brave 19 year old girl who has endured cancer from the age of 6. In addition, the Charity group helped donate unwanted clothes and glasses to those in need of them and collected milk for poor children in Palma. The group should feel very proud of this amazing work, led by Mrs Coley, to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
By Mohit and Rohit


The end of term is always a rather bitter sweet time, as pupils look forward to being with friends and family on the seemingly endless summer holiday but they also have to bid farewell to their friends and teachers who are leaving Mallorca. At BIC, this had even more meaning this year, as parents, pupils and staff said goodbye to the school Principal, Mrs Diane Doherty, who has made many innovative changes in her two years at school.
All of Primary school, from Nursery up to Year 6, gathered together for a special goodbye assembly, with a representative from each class presenting Mrs Doherty with a homemade card as a memento of her time at BIC. The assembly finished with some kind words from Miss Upton, the KS2 leader and the older pupils performed Ninety Nine Red Balloons, one of their favourite songs from this year.


As part of their end of term celebrations, the children in Nursery invited their parents to a Teddy Bears Picnic under the trees on the school playing field. After singing a few nursery rhymes, they tucked into their snacks, treating their parents to banana biscuits they had made earlier in the day.
It was a lovely chance for everyone to get together in a relaxed and fun way – and the teddy bears had a good time too!
By Christine Eastwood- Nursery Teacher


Pupils, parents and teachers of the Year 13 graduating class had a wonderful night out together in the spectacular location of Palma harbour at Chilis No 3. The evening was warm and barmy as drinks were served and the food was delicious, with attentive service from the staff at the restaurant. Photos were taken as memories for the young people who will all be embarking on a new, exciting chapter of their lives.
Two lively speeches were given, by Jeroen on behalf of the class and their form teacher, Mr Nicholas, saying what a great bunch of young adults they all are and that they should try never to disappoint their family, their friends, but most of all, themselves.

Newsletter (22nd June - 26th June 2015)


The start of the year at the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa saw the introduction of a new innovation at KS3 - the Enrichment Programme. This has been lead by Miss Brelade, enabling pupils to experience some very different learning styles, fostering creativity, independence, participation, self evaluation and team work.
Pupils were able to explore many new skills with a focus on learning, such as digital literacy, entrepreneurship, communication, emotional intelligence and problem solving. These were learnt through a diverse range of activities including coding, orienteering, health and fitness, musicality, movie making, animation, gardening, landscaping and graphic design.
Termly assemblies were held, confidently arranged and hosted by pupils from Year 9, giving all groups the opportunity to show off their learning and present their achievements to their peers.
There was also the chance for the present Year 6 to have a taste of the Enrichment Programme, which they will follow next year, when they took part in a four day transition to introduce them to life in secondary school.
BIC has the advantage of having primary and secondary schools together in one building, making the move for primary pupils a smooth process. They joined the Enrichment groups every afternoon to sample the various activities on offer and here are some of their comments:-
Olivia- “In ICT it was fun because we were making a game.”
William- “It was cool working together and having to figure out ideas.”
The School Principal, Mrs Doherty, is also very pleased with the success of this programme, congratulating the pupils on their achievements and praising their independent thinking.


The end of term for many KS3 pupils will be remembered for the “BIC Sleepover on The Night of Sant Joan”. Over 30 students took part in what was for many their first camping experience. Using skills that they have developed during our Enrichment Programme, students enjoyed a night of outdoor activities including a pool party, games and music. Later, they all enjoyed a BBQ together, sampling some of the organic produce grown in the school garden as part of their gardening project.
“It was great to see the students working as a team, showing initiative and enjoying themselves as they set up their tents,” commented Mr Green.
"I think the night was a great end of the year event and the students loved it,” was the comment of one of the organisers, Frau Dittard.

Newsletter (15th June - 19th June 2015)


This year our annual end of term Musical Recital was performed to raise money for the very worthy Calanova Cancer Care shop and present in the audience were Angela and some of her lovely ladies as well as the president of AECC, Theresa Martarell and the president of Asbanob, Jaime Coll.
Many music students performed in the concert, which included piano solos, dancing from the Lion King, singing, violin and saxophone solos and the Year 7 and 9 Choir. The recital culminated with an explosive final performance from the school band, AKA, led by Craig White, as they performed numbers including Happy and Let Her Go by Passenger.


Pupils from Reception and Year 2 traditionally have their own special ceremony to celebrate them moving to a higher area of the school and many parents enjoyed their youngsters receiving personal certificates from their teachers, Miss Wardle and Mrs Haigh. The proceedings began with Year 2 confidently playing two little tunes on the glockenspiels, followed by the presentation of the scrolls and then Reception sang their hearts out in Karl Jenkins beautiful song, Adiemus. The two classes then joined together to perform The School Rule Song, showing their parents that they know how to behave properly in school and all present enjoyed this moving, emotional ceremony.

This was followed by a special Global Garden’s Afternoon to compliment Year 2’s topic work, with parents spending the afternoon with their children taking part in a variety of activities, ranging from leaf printing to flower making. This was a great experience for both parents and pupils who delighted in showing off their knowledge in the classroom situation.


“It was amazing as there were so many animals and when the peacocks opened their tails, they were shining as bright as the sun!”by Sophia
“You can also touch the animals and they were so cute because they don’t bite you!”by Katja
“My favourite part was the zip line, which was 15 metres high and 220 metres long and what made it scary was the fact that you had to run and jump off it!”by Jack


Just along to road from BIC is the amazing Pirates Adventure Show and Nursery and Year 5 were lucky to go to a special schools show, which had the audience clapping and cheering for their favourite pirate.

Newsletter (8th June - 12th June 2015)


The theatre at Bendinat was packed this week for two wonderful performances of BIC’s version of The Lion King, as parents and friends marvelled at their children’s confident, inspiring performances. Year 6 took the lead parts, acting the main story of Simba’s battle to become king, interspersed with energetic, lively songs and dances from other KS2 classes, with an overall cast of nearly 150 children!
Some of the comments from Year 4U included:-
“ cool...mind blowing...a magical performance...a very exciting play to be show BIC has yet can feel the music moving... spectacular...amazing.”
It was a vibrant, fast moving, colourful performance, met with many positive comments from the appreciative audience and thanks must go to the Year 5 teacher, Miss Drake, the producer, for all her patience, commitment and hard work. The school has been working hard for many years to raise money for charity and the proceeds from this performance were presented to Dr Stoma at the end of the show, for his charity Mediterranea.
BIC would like to thank all of those involved in the show, especially the Instituto in Bendinat and the town hall in Calvia for allowing the use of their theatre for this very worthwhile annual event.


Sixteen pupils from BIC were entered for our annual Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams in May and they have recently received their results, which were extremely commendable. The exams included the Prep Test, a non- graded introduction to the exam system, with pupils receiving a certificate from the examiner, Mrs Eleanor Smith, containing positive comments.
Ten other pupils took exams from Grades 1 to 5, which is equivalent to IGCSE Music, on the piano and recorder. Nine of these pupils, Suree, Brooke, Nora, Malinee, Fabian, Philip, Erik, Mariia (on recorder and piano) achieved a very pleasing Merit, with the highest mark of all, a Distinction, achieved by Lenny in his Grade 1 piano exam.
Their music teacher, Mrs Baggaley, is very proud of all her aspiring musicians, who will also be performing in our Concert for Cancer at this school this week.

Newsletter (1st June - 5th June 2015)

B.I.C. vs CEIP Aina Moll i Marques

On Tuesday 2nd June B.I.C. welcomed CEIP Aina Moll i Marques for a friendly match between years 4-8. For B.I.C, it was to be their first match against another school, for Moll i Marques, their first match on grass. The game started off slowly as both teams looked to get used to the pitch, and the heat, but, after 5 minutes Moll i Marques took the lead as their confidence grew on the new surface. The lead didn't last too long however as B.I.C. scored their first goal when Mads took a shot from outside the area which Esben managed to re direct into the net. It stayed 1-1 for the remainder of the 1st quarter as both keepers made some fantastic saves. Mark was having a very good game in goal game and pulled of some great stops with both his hands and feet.
In the 2nd quarter, fresh faces came on and B.I.C started to take control and took the lead when Seb scored from outside the area with a shot too powerful for the keeper. Moll i Marques tried to get back into the game but Tyson was having a very good game in defence being ably assisted by William. At the end of the 2nd quarter B.I.C. had taken a 3-2 lead. However, things started to change in the 3rd quarter as Moll i Marques started to dominate and scored 6 goals to take an 8-3 lead into the final quarter. B.I.C won the final quarter 2-1 after playing some very nice football, Lenny particularly impressive on the left wing, but lost the match 9-5.
All the boys that played should be extremely happy with themselves after playing a very good game of football. Hopefully with more matches they will only improve and be able to get a result that matches their effort. Well Done boys!!


The annual Sports Day is always one of great fun and sportsmanship for pupils, teachers and parents and this year was no exception, as the sun shone down on the event. There was a lively, competitive atmosphere from start to finish, as in High school, all of KS3 and Year 10 took part, enjoying many different sports throughout the day.
There were individual competitions in athletics and swimming, with team competitions including baseball, hockey or basketball. Sports Day is closely connected to the house competition and BLUE house came out top by a long way, as they managed to win four of the eight competitions, Even so, a great time was had by all and after all, it’s the taking part that counts!


Pupils have been made very much aware of the extent of poverty in our world and the fact that every morning, millions of people wake up knowing that they won’t have enough to eat. For the past few years, we have been working closely with Acction Contra la Hambre, an educational charity devoted to helping ensure that these people have access to a proper balanced diet. Last year, the great sum of nearly 3,000 euros was raised towards this cause.
In this year’s Race Against Hunger, 134 students from Primary and 86 from Secondary went out collecting sponsors to raise more money for this very important cause, running about 535 km in total. In Primary, the participants ran without stop for one hour, some of them managing to make more than 20 laps of the school. Thanks must go to those who participated in this great event and let’s see if we can raise even more money this year!


After getting really involved in their topic all about Sea Life, the children in Nursery had the great opportunity to visit Palma Aquarium and see for themselves all the different sea creatures there.
They were fascinated by the jellyfish, enjoyed being able to touch a starfish and were really excited to see the sharks. Everyone had great fun in the play area pretending to be pirates sailing on the galleon and both the children and their teachers thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Newsletter (25th May - 29th May 2015)


Pupils from KS3 have been working closely together this year in the very successful, newly implemented, Enrichment Programme and they had a great chance to meet together socially on a school trip to the Safari-Zoo in Sa Coma. There they experienced an exciting mixture between a safari trip and a classic zoo visit, boasting many different species, including rhinos, elephants, giraffes and different kind of monkeys, many with their spring babies. Pupils were all on their best behaviour and here is what two of them had to say:-

Anika-“ It was interesting and I learnt a lot !”
Shayan- “It was fun communicating with the chimpanzees!”


As the end of term quickly approaches, there is always great excitement as the dates for the school production get nearer (as well as apprehension on the part of teachers) and this year, all of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, involving nearly 150 children, will present their own version of The Lion King at the theatre in Bendinat.
It will be performed on two night on Wednesday June 10th and Thursday June 11th, both starting at 7.00 pm.
This tells the magical story of Simba’s rise to fame as the king of the beasts, including many wonderful, well known songs and is directed by the Year 5 teacher, Miss Drake, with a lot of the choreography taught by Andrea Smith from the Bays. Tickets for this are selling fast and are available from school for 5 euros, with all of the proceeds going to Mediterranea. Mention must also be made of our forthcoming Concert For Cancer, when musicians at school will be showing off their varied talents in an end of term recital to raise money for our local Calanova Cancer Care.


As part of their topic on Spectactular Spain and tourism in Mallorca, Year 3 were treated to an outing in our beautiful city, Palma. The children got to be tourists for the day, having great fun on the Palma open top tour bus, and learning about the many attractions that Palma city has to offer.
They saw Bellver Castle, the Joan Miro foundation, Plaza Espana and Las Ramblas amongst many other famous locations. The children later explored Palma Cathedral, sketching their favourite part, ending a wonderful day with a well earned play in the park and a celebratory ice cream.

Newsletter (18th May - 22nd May 2015)


Year 5 had a great morning out on a very interesting and educational visit to the recycling plant in Palma. This included a very informative video, reminding the children and teachers about how to dispose sensibly of waste, with a rap teaching them the 3 Rs- reduce, re-use and recycle. The children loved the tour of the plant by monorail, seeing the mountains of rubbish squashed together to be sent to Madrid for disposal and there was a hands on experience in the museum where everything was made by children out of recycled waste.
Here is what some of the pupils had to say about the trip:-

“I liked the building because the walls were created out of recycles bottles and cans,” by Roberto.

“My favourite part of the trip was the train, where we could see what happens to all our rubbish and how some is made into compost,” by Gaia.

“We all enjoyed the fabulous trip, especially the train, although it was a bit smelly!” by Gabriele

“It is a bit sad to see how much rubbish we produce, but I am glad that some people do something about it,” by Neil.

It will certainly make the children and teachers think more about how they dispose of their rubbish in the future!


In Mallorca we are very privileged to have the wonderful, vibrant Balearic Symphony Orchestra, under the energetic leadership of Pablo Mielgo, the conductor and musical director and pupils from Years 4 and 5 had the great pleasure of visiting the Auditorium for one of their rehearsals. The children, who were all very well behaved, sat very close to the front and could not only see the individual instruments close up, but also feel the music, as the cymbals clashed, the trombone fizzed and the bass drum resounded through the theatre.
They all enjoyed Stravinsky’s inventive instrumentation in Pulcinella, especially the trombone and double bass duet in Vivo and the Empress of the Pagodas from Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, with its Japanese sounding influence was also a great favourite.
However, the best part for many was at the end, where Philip Dawson, one of the double bass players introduced them to his double bass in what proved to be a lively, interesting and informative talk, even managing to get Pablo Mielga out of rehearsal for a few minutes to speak to them.
The children left the theatre with comments like, “Awesome, cool, interesting and amazing,” and trooped off to Parc de la Mar by the cathedral for a picnic lunch. What better way to introduce the younger generation to the magical world of classical music!


Pupils from year 1 had the chance to become farmers for the day, when they visited Es Burotell farm in Calvia. The farm guide showed the children the best way to stroke animals and they also had the chance to feed a variety of different animals, including goats, sheep, horses and ponies.
A highlight for the pupils was making their own bread, which they all enjoyed eating on their return to school.
The guide taught the children a lively, humorous animal song and dance, with them pretending to be the animal in the song.
Despite the unpredictable weather, it was a thoroughly interactive learning experience not only for the children but also the accompanying teachers and parents!

Newsletter (11th May - 15th May 2015)


At BIC, we like to promote positive competition between pupils and one way that this is done is through the house system. Throughout the year, we have had several inter house competitions, from fireworks photography to designing Easter eggs and recently, pupils have been busy folding paper in the amazing Japanese art of origami. This has helped to foster co-operation between different age groups, sharing, team work and home learning, with the fantastic finished products showing how creative our pupils can be!


It is always a much better way to learn through hand on experiences and at BIC we are very lucky to have a wonderful world of plants, fruit and flowers on our doorstep, with the garden centre across the road run by Ester, one of our parents.
Some of the children in Year 4 visited the garden centre to see and admire some of the wonderful summer blooms and here are some of their comments:-
"We looked at some different types of herbs and learnt that there is a type of basil that prevents mosquitoes!" "The flower section smelt so good. We bought some sunflower seeds to plant in our garden." "We saw a tree that is growing three different types of fruit on it!" "We learnt about a local fruit and tried them, called nisperos. They were yummy."


The start of summer is the traditional time for external exams and each year, BIC welcomes an examiner from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in London.
This year, 16 pupils from Years 4 to 9 took exams ranging from the Prep Test to Grade 5, which is equivalent to IGCSE Music. The examiner, Mrs Eleanor Smith from Newcastle-under-Lyme, put the young performers at ease and most were very happy with their performances.
We now have a nail biting few weeks to wait for the results!


As an enthusiastic and devoted supported of our local Mallorca football team, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to see and experience the Son Moix ground in a different way, when I was lucky enough to accompany Year 3 on their tour of the stadium.
The pupils were as excited as me to see the VIP lounge, full of photos of the history of the club, which incidentally celebrates its centenary next year, the trophy room containing some wonderful mementoes of the heyday of the team and even the changing room, press room and the pitch.
Thanks to Rafa for showing us around and as the children left the stadium chanting “Ma- llor-ca! Ma-llor-ca!” we can only hope that they can come up with some winning games in their last few matches!

Newsletter (4th May - 8th May 2015)


Living on such a beautiful, diverse island, it is always interesting to learn more about our local environment and Year 6 have been Discovering Mallorca in their studies.
This included a walk around Magaluf to see what kind of entertainment, food and activities were on offer for families and young people coming on holiday.

“It was great to get out of school for the day and look around us. We were amazed at the variety of restaurants and food on offer in Magaluf - from Burger King and Chinese to Indian and Spanish. We even saw what we think was a Russian restaurant!” commented Aryan.

“I loved the afternoon spent on the beach playing football” was a comment from some of the boys.
At the opposite end of the scale, the classes also visited La Raixa which is a restored senorial house near Bunyola. The children were treated to a guided tour, explaining some of its history, including how the peasants and poor workers set fire to the house because they were not happy about the amount of hard work they were asked to do for very little pay.

“Some of the house was really lovely, the gardens too,” commented Mariia and Paquita said, “I loved the history because I am Mallorquin,”
The children climbed up to the chapel built on top of a hill to look at the view through the beautiful stained glass windows, wandered through the orange grove and roamed around the man-made lake.
“I was impressed by how big the lake was, 83 metres long and seven and a half metres deep” said Andrey who also worked out how many of litres of water the huge reservoir held.
“Do you know why there are no fossils in Mallorca?” asked the guide. The children were fascinated to learn that it was because Mallorca hadn’t been formed during the age of the dinosaurs.
Both trips proved to be a really interesting insight to some of the history of Mallorca for children who have the privilege of growing up on the beautiful island.


One of the highlights of the year in Calvia’s hectic calendar must surely be the wonderful celebration of Europe Day, which sees the spectacular sea front in Palma Nova transformed into a flamboyant, boisterous, street market accompanied by some of the wonderful entertainment Mallorca has to offer.
The BIC Choir are always very privileged to be part of this and this year was no exception as the singers, looking smart in their bespoke shirts, sang a selection of their favourite songs. The pupils showed off their language skills in A Little Peace and Ninety Nine Red Balloons, originally sung by Nena.
A highlight was the song Gold Dust, composed by Sykes, a new band including a former member of BIC and the school choir, Julia Sykes, who are doing very well and currently touring in England. Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael, who did a superb job as the compare for the whole afternoon, joined the choir in their final song, Angel by Robbie Williams...and a wonderful time was had by all!

Newsletter (27th April - 30th April 2015)


The school garden is currently undergoing a huge transformation, thanks to the hard work of many students, old and young. As a part of the Enrichment Programme, students have been bringing in their own seeds to grow a selection of plants and flowers. Already the garden is blossoming and looking great, thanks all the efforts of the students taking part. "I have really enjoyed working with different age groups and being given the freedom of how we design our garden and what we can plant. I can’t wait to see the vegetables that we have planted!"


At BIC, we are always eager to embrace new cultures and activities and recently we were treated to a fantastic display of skill and athleticism in the Capoiera Exhibition Showcase, held in the school gym. All pupils and parents were invited to come and see Luis and his nine talented associates demonstrate this very skillful Brazilian activity, prior to the start of Capoiera classes starting in May. Capoeira is a mix of martial art and street dance, set to a strong Samba drum rhythm and numerous enthusiastic children had the opportunity to try this out first hand. Zack thought it was great fun and can´t wait to sign up for the lessons!

Breaking News - New Principal Appointed

The Baleares International College Sa Porrassa Campus is proud to announce the appointment of a new Principal; Duncan Giles BSc, MA, PGCE.

Click here for more information

Newsletter (20th April - 24th April 2015)


The beauty of our island can often be something that we take for granted when we live here all the time. However, 79 members of the BIC School Choir were able to appreciate what is on their doorstep, as they walked from school to Magalluf, ready to record their song and dance Listen to Us for the Voices Around the World Choir.
The beach is still rather deserted, as it is early in the season and so the pupils were able to be up close to the sea for their performance. They were very well treated by Jamie from Palm Beach, keeping him busy supplying drinks or ice creams and it was a credit to all when his staff remarked on the good behaviour and manners of the children.
There was even time for a game of beach football and for the more daring a dip of their toes in the sea and all pupils had great fun on a very fruitful afternoon.


Pupils in Nursery and Reception have been learning about animals and to compliment this, they all enjoyed a visit to El Rancho Grande in the north of the island. They were shown how to groom a pony before being able to ride on a horse. They even all experienced a trip by wagon around the farm, pretending to be cowboys!
After a picnic lunch they were able to admire all the animals there and then had great fun in the play area. Everyone had a lovely time and the coach back to school was filled with lots of very tired but happy rancheros!

Newsletter (13th April - 17th April 2015)

Download this weeks Principal's Newsletter


An important part of a child’s life at school is leaning to socialise and enjoy the company of others, both of which are significant for later life. Therefore, spending a day out with friends, learning to appreciate different aspects of our beautiful island and visit new environments is really just as necessary as sitting writing behind a desk. At BIC, trips are linked with curriculum studies and both Years 2 and 4 had great days out on their recent visits.


Our topic for this term has been journeys, so we went to S'Albufera, near Alcudia, to see if we would be lucky enough to spot some of the birds that made fantastic journeys across continents with a stop-over in Mallorca.
We had a long coach journey up to the north of the island and on our walk to the information centre we could see and hear many birds and were even greeted by some ducks, keen to share our snacks.
Then we headed off to the hides to watch the birds, but we had to walk slowly and very quietly, just in case we disturbed any of the animals around us. This was quite difficult at first, but when we were quiet, we heard lots of different sounds made by birds and other sounds that we think could have been frogs.
We split into groups when we got to the hides, with one group in each hide, while the other two groups made bark rubbings and looked for leaves, flowers and mini-beasts along the path. From the hides we could see lots of different birds, so we drew pictures and admired them through binoculars. It was a brilliant day, as we saw lots of interesting birds and animals and we really enjoyed the coach journey home too!


After our successful Art week at school, pupils from Year 4B and 4U had the wonderful opportunity to see at first hand some famous works of art when they visited the Es Baluards Art Museum in Palma and here is what they had to say:-

“I really enjoyed our school trip to the awesome art museum, where we saw modern and old paintings by various famous artists including Picasso and Juan Miro.” “The colours were adorable, but my favourite part was when I saw the collection of 600 sunset postcards and the crystal wave.” “I liked the dead fish painting.” Our guide was Sebastian, who showed us round, telling us information about the paintings.” “It was amazing and everyone loved it, so I would like to go there again!”

Newsletter (23rd March - 27th March 2015)


The Baleares International College in Sa Porassa has an active, lively Music department with many talented and confident young musicians and this was showcased in a varied and entertaining concert .Mrs Doherty welcomed the parents, grandparents and children, stressing the importance of music in school. Performances included singing, instrumental music played on the guitar, saxophone, recorder and piano and the recital ended with part of the BIC School Choir performing four of their favourite songs from this term. Many of these musicians have their Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams coming up in May, so this was a great opportunity to show off their pieces.


We all know how important manners are and in the words of Benny Bellamacina, “Education is meaningless without manners.”... and children from Reception demonstrated to their peers, parents and teachers how well they can use theirs in a wonderful Assembly.
This was directed by their teachers, Miss Wardle, Mrs Ratcliffe and Miss Beckett, as the children acted out four mini scenes each showing different ways of using your manners. Each little scene ended with a song, as the pupils sang enthusiastically about being friends, saying please and thank you, and being kind to each other.
They ended with The School Rule Song, reiterating the importance of behaving at school and they and their teachers hope that other pupils in the school will remember what they saw and use their manners at all times!


The corridors at school have been awash with so many colourful, vibrant displays over the last week, as pupils have worked hard with their teachers to produce some inspiring art work based on their own artist. These included Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Henri Rousseau and Gino Savarino for the KS1 pupils, whose art work was all based on painting by these artists. Pupils in KS2 drew their inspiration from Gustav Klimt, Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhole, Christopher Ofili and Pablo Picasso... and they all certainly came up with some wonderful results as we can see.

Art Week also included an Easter egg competition, as we might expect and pupils worked hard to be creative with hard boiled eggs, as can be seen from the photo of the main entrants below.

Year 3 had a great treat as part of Art week, when one of the parents, Mr Rivera, came in to show examples of his work and inspire the children in their art. The children asked lots of intelligent questions and were fascinated by how long it takes to create each piece. They would like to thank Mr Rivera for giving up his time.

Newsletter (16th March - 20th March 2015)


BIC welcomed parents of current students as well as prospective students to the Annual Open Day. After meeting the Principal and Head of Secondary, parents were escorted round the school by senior students. Classrooms were open to all and parents were able to observe classes in action, talk to students about their learning and hear from teachers about the many and varied ways the school encourages young people to be excited about learning. The senior art exhibition coincided with this event showcasing work of students in all year groups including that of A level students.


The Baleares International College Choir became recording stars, as they began to record their wonderful song Listen to Us for the Voices Around the World Choir. They all had a great time, putting on headphone, recording in small groups and appraising their singing. They performed this song and dance for the first time on St Patrick’s Day to an enthusiastic audience and next week, they will be videoing it ready to be sent off to the producers of the song.


The standard of assemblies at BIC is certainly very high, with each class pulling out all the stops to convey different topics in a variety of ways...and the assembly produced by the children from Nursery was no exception. It was amazing to see and hear these 3 and 4 year old children of many different nationalities perform with such confidence and enthusiasm, as their assembly told the story of Noah building his ark. The music was aptly chosen by their teachers, including I Like to Move It, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Sing a Rainbow and even Let It Go from Frozen. It will remain a magical memory for the many parents, teachers and grandparents at the performance and the youngsters can be very proud of their performance.

Newsletter (9th March - 13th March 2015)

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In spite of the rainy start to the weekend, Sunday arrived bright and sunny in honour of the wonderful St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Santa Ponsa. Pupils from the BIC School Choir turned up sporting traditional colours and had a wonderful time in the rowdy, flamboyant parade through the streets.
The children ended up on the stage to be welcomed by our very own Mrs Enright, AKA Gee Carmichael, the presenter for the event. They sang their hearts out in Irish Eyes, Moon River and Skyfall, ending in the first public performance of their song and dance for the Voice Round the World Choir, Listen to Us! They were accompanied by Mariia and the glockenspiel group. Everyone had a great time and thanks to those who organised this wonderful event.



Pupils from Year 8 have shown they have a healthy appetite for Art as they produced some wonderful pictures all made out of real food, as we can see below, while Year 9 have been working on a display of Cubist style landscapes, as we can see in these yellow and black paintings.


This is always celebrated in style at BIC and these are two articles were written by Angela M, Shannon and Julia from Year 4U and Masha and Anastasia from Year 7:-

“Everyone loves World Book Day! In Year 4U have been doing lots of fun activities, including making comics, designing front covers for our favourite books, having parents in to read to us and even having two ladies from The Bookworm setting up a little shop in school for us to buy books. We focused on Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney and loved listening to Happy Birthday by Dr Seuss, as it had lots of rhyming words like tongue twisters. We thought Book Day was brilliant!”

“The first time World Book day was celebrated was in 1995 and even though twenty years have passed, we still celebrate it with fun and laughter, especially at BIC. Years 7 and 8 worked really hard on their book presentations, while Year 9 did speed dating on their favourite book. The Bookworm sold lots of amazing book, ranging from mystery and tragedy to romance and magic, but let’s not forget all the funny books that we love so much. We want to thank all the amazing authors for writing all these marvellous books. What would we do without them?”


Year 12 and 13 students had an interesting talk by law and food expert Pieter Louw, who talked about sustainability in the food industry.
After telling the students about his twelve year experience with the fair trade industry, he said that the three main components for a sustainable food industry are communication, logistics and energy, without which any food business or industry would find it difficult to survive. He also warned us that any sudden change in food stance, whether normal or fair-trade, is ethically good but difficult. When Starbucks, a huge company, decided to use fair-trade coffee, Pieter’s fair-trade organization, which was still small and still stretching its legs, was in a “world of trouble!”
Mr Louw ended the talk by saying that he left the fair-trade industry, but not before he had witnessed a 450 million to 6 billion boom in profits over those 12 years! by Martin Popov


The children in Reception have enjoyed working with the laptops and their teachers, Miss Wardle and Mrs Ratcliffe, are very proud to announce that they have all achieved their Level 1 of the Computer Driving Licence with Espresso Education. The children showed off their computing skills to click, drag and drop, use the keyboard and to name parts of the computer. Four new tablets are now been used in the classroom to support all areas of learning including maths, literacy and expressive arts.

Newsletter (2nd March - 6th March 2015)


This weekend saw the Finals of the successful Mallorca’s Got Talent competition, which took place at Western Park and everyone at the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa felt very proud of young Brooke Judkins from Year 6X, who did extremely well to come second!
She sang for Primary School in Assembly, with an emotional performance of Let it Go from Frozen and also for her class, as she accompanied herself on the piano with the beautiful song My Heart Will Go On from Titanic. She is a talented young lady with a powerful voice and certainly seems to be set on the road to stardom!


Year 3 had a lovely, sunny day out at the Campanet Coves and Ses Fonts Ufanes in the surrounding area. They got to see lots of the spaghetti-looking stalactites and stalagmites, with one even looked like Santa Claus. They discovered that stalactites grow only 1cm every 100 years. They also saw the hole where Tomeo climbed down and discovered the caves in 1945. Afterwards they had a fabulous walk in the woods and a picnic lunch, to end an excellent day out!


Fifteen secondary students of all ages attended BIC´s first Table Tennis House Competition. The event was organised by Year 12 student Mohit Daswani and proved to be a great success, with the Blue House gaining house points thanks to their representative Daniel Sepulveda. "It was a really exciting final and I played against a great opponent who nearly beat me...but didn´t!" Daniel said after the match. Lenny in Year 7 also commented that, "There were many great games with lots of sporting talent and I can´t wait for the next tournament."

Newsletter (23rd February - 27th February 2015)


Pupils from Years 3 to 6 at the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa were joined by other KS2 pupils fromThe Baleares International College, San Augustin Campus, to visit the Porciuncula Theatre in Arenal, to see Performers Inc. in their adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island.
Through singing, acting and dancing, the three performers took their audience sailing the seven seas in the quest for treasure and the children enjoyed the humour, slapstick and audience participation. After the show, they spent the sunny afternoon having a picnic in the Bosc de al Ribera park, giving them the chance to mingle with their friends, before returning to school.


Work in beginning this term in preparation for the end of summer show, when KS2 pupils will be presenting the musical The Lion King at the theatre in Bendinat. Pupils have already been allocated their parts and are busy learning their lines and the wonderful songs from both the film and stage versions of this spectacular show. This will be a fund raiser, as in previous years, for Mediterranea, who do so much good helping thousands of children in Ethiopia and in Mallorca to have better lives.


Pupils in Year 6 have been enjoying learning about explorers and to compliment this work, they had an interesting, exciting talk from Mr Chuck Demangeat, who has many years of experience in sailing and navigation.
Olivia said, “I thought it was interesting because I thought the explorers already knew that the world was round!”
Tereza said, “When Chuck came to talk to us about navigation and sailors, he was friendly and funny and we learnt a lot. I noticed that he was actually he was wearing the clothes of a sailor. Everyone had a great time learning about the life of a sailor.”

Newsletter (9th February - 13th February 2015)


Dressing up and parading in costumes has always been great fun for children and celebrations for carnival began with a wonderfully flamboyant assembly presented by Year 2 and their teachers, Mrs Haigh and Mrs Rouse.
The class has been studying journeys and in their assembly, they took us in story and dance through the history of the carnival, from Ancient Egypt to Rome, Spain and the Caribbean. Pupils were dressed in their colourful carnival costumes and wore masks, as they danced energetically to a variety of songs, finishing with a Bob Marley classic, Buffalo Soldier.
The whole of Infant and Primary School added a big splash of colour when they trooped into school in some amazingly inventive costumes. There were two parades, where the pupils had the opportunity to show off their costumes and admire each other, with prizes awarded for the best in each class.


Before finishing for half term, 60 secondary students enjoyed an "Enrichment Challenge Day", as part of the new Enrichment Programme.
The day involved a trip to the Tramuntana Mountains where students hiked a challenging but extremely scenic walk between Deia and Port de Soller. On the way, they practiced their map reading skills and even tried to orientate by using moss!
The hike was approximately 12kms long and took just under 4 hours, including a lunch stop with spectacular views that were enhanced by the snow capped mountains and strong early spring sunshine. With perfect weather, the trip was made even more amazing.
The day gave students an opportunity to mix with different age groups, giving them a sense of independence as well as a great sense of achievement. They ended at the Port of Soller, where they were given some time to relax on the beach after enjoying some of the wonders of nature in our beautiful island.

By Erik, Armin and Mr Green


Year 12 pupils certainly made their audience think in their assembly about the benefits of happiness, and how a simple smile can make you feel happy. They spoke about how you cannot put a value on kindness, as it is human nature and the part of the human heart that is capable of goodness and love, giving you a clearer understanding and fullness of life.By Martin Popov


Great traditions are hard to beat and for many decades, pupils have celebrated St Valentine’s Day by sending flowers to friends and teachers and dancing the night away at the school disco. This year was no exception, as we had a huge delivery of red, white and pink carnations from Clare at Floristeria Violeta in San Agustin. These flowers were later distributed to many excited pupils throughout the school.

The school disco was hosted by two wonderful resident DJs, as David and David took to the stage and led the fun, with pupils enjoying dancing, games, hot dogs, love potion and each others’ company.

Pupils also had the opportunity to buy pancakes and drinks in celebration of Pancake Tuesday next week and these three events were all organised by the school’s Helping Hands charity group. Their leader, Mrs Coley, was proud to announce that the grand total of over 1,000 euros was raised in aid of Dr Stoma’s wonderful Mediterranea charity.

Newsletter (2nd February - 6th February 2015)


The recently implemented Enrichment Programme at the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa has been voted a great success by everyone involved, including teachers, pupils and even parents. This was started in September last year, when every last lesson of the day sees KS3 pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 getting together in cross year groups to study what is, in many cases, a new and exciting activity.
The activities include animation, climbing, fitness, drama, French, Catalan, public speaking, graphic design, musicality, choir, house competitions and team building sports, so a great variety is on offer. Here is what some pupils had to say about these lessons:-


Part of school life is the social aspect of making new friends, many of whom will remain with us for life and the pupils from Year 8 presented a highly entertaining assembly for KS3· pupils based on Friendship for Life. The students had prepared their parts, sharing their thoughts about friendship with the aid of music and acting, which certainly helped to captivate their audience. The whole assembly was enhanced by a wonderful guitar duet, as Barni and Mads confidently sang and played I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Their form teacher, Miss Hatton was certainly very proud of her talented class!


Mrs Rouses Year 2 ESL group have been consolidating their phonics knowledge to support their reading and writing. They have been using online Espresso activities offering a kinesthetic approach to learning.
In ICT they have been using Espresso coding where the children can work at their own pace. We are creating computer coders for the future.

Newsletter (26th January - 30th January 2015)

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“Year 6B and Year 6X have been learning about exploration and we came into school dressed as explorers, including Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and David Livingstone. We imagined our school playground was an exciting jungle and went exploring with our ICT teacher, Miss Brelade. Some pupils filmed with go pros and i pads and we even performed an explorers rap! Everything was great fun!” by Mariia and Laila


Pupils from Year 9 have been focusing on Cubism during their art lessons and using still life as a starting point, they designed these collages, which are fine examples of Synthetic Cubism.

Year 7 collaborated on a large paper sculpture display, which has certainly brightened up the secondary corridor!


Every Wednesday lunch time, a small group of pupils can be found busy practising their steps for the Listen to Us dance, which will be videoed as part of the Voices Round the World Choir performance. We see them in the photo rehearsing with their choreographer, Andrea Smith.


Students from Year 11 were invited to an open day at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), where they joined students from other schools around the island to see for themselves the facilities available at Mallorca’s own “hospitality university”.
The visit included a demonstration on how to mix cocktails and how to construct the perfect “flor de lis” napkin for an impressive dinner table setting. In the computer suite, students were introduced to the complexities of making hotel reservations using the training system installed at the college.
The last stop on the tour was the all important food preparation training areas, where all students had to don white coats as they saw food being prepared in “laboratory” type conditions to ensure the health of everyone eating the products.
The tour ended with a sampling of some cakes made by the UIB kitchens and then the students enjoyed some relaxation time in the reception, college grounds and coffee bar areas. All the students enjoyed the experience and some of them are now definitely considering “hospitality” or hotel management as a possible career path.
By Mr Paul Mooney

Newsletter (19th January - 23rd January 2015)


Pupils from Year 11 gave an informative and interesting assembly to High School about their New Year resolutions. They had prepared an entertaining video, using the acting talents of Philipp, Ben and James, with some superb camera work and editing by Carlos. Even though Year 11students are busy studying and revising for their mocks, the performance was well received by all. By James Doherty, Year 11

This was followed by a presentation by members of the Rotary Club of Mallorca, who were proud to present the pupils of school with an engraved shield for having the most pupils participating in the Rotary Club annual sponsored walk. This walk has become an integral feature of events on the island and it was actually started over thirty years ago at the old BIS School in San Agustin.
The award was accepted on behalf of the pupils by the Head Boy, Fabian Kraus and the Head Girl, Charlotte Gunkel.


Pupils in Years 3C and 3W, with their teachers Mrs Cortez and Mrs Walsh, at the Baleares international College in Sa Porassa, have become very involved in their exciting topic, the Stone Age. In their Literacy lessons, pupils are enjoying reading “Ug” by Raymond Briggs, telling about a boy genius in the past, who is on a quest for soft trousers, as he is so fed up of wearing his heavy, cumbersome stone ones. Children have also experienced making their own class cave, crawling inside to complete their own cave paintings and even grinding up grain to make flour using two stones, as they would have done thousands of years ago. Here is what some of the children had to say:-
Matz said, “I learnt that it took a long while to make bread in the Stone Age.”
Fynn said, “It really felt like being in the Stone Age!”
Nicholas and Daniel said, “It was really difficult for Stone Age people to paint in their caves because there wasn’t a lot of light and they had to remember the animal in their heads!”
Cosima and Sanja thought it was great fun painting with their fingers and Malik summed it all up well, saying that life was tough in the Stone Age.

Newsletter (12th January - 16th January 2015)

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Students aged 7 to 14 at the Baleares International College had an exciting, explosive start to the term, when they had the privilege of attending a drumming work shop given by David Camilatto, who has recently moved to the island from France. He gave 5 amazing concerts, showing off his great skill and dexterity on the drums, talking about the history of the drums and demonstrating many different styles of music from jazz and blues to hip hop and rap.
The more daring pupils had the opportunity to have a go on the drums themselves and all were amazed at how well some of the pupils did, with even the School Principal, Mrs Diane Doherty, keen to have a go!
We are hoping that drum lessons will become an integral part of after school activities and thank David for giving us all this wonderful experience.


A recent innovation at school has been the introduction of a house system and when they join the school, each child and teacher is assigned to a house, with family members being placed together. The houses are: - YELLOW- ELM, BLUE- OAK, RED-ASH and GREEN- WILLOW, with teamwork being an integral part of the house system, as pupils work across age ranges to plan, create and perform together. Competitions are regular occurrences, with Heads of House and House Prefects organising a variety of events. One lesson per week of the new Enrichment Programme also features house competitions between years 7, 8 and 9, encouraging team work, co-operation and fostering the competitive spirit, so useful in later life.


After a very successful first Yearbook for BIC last year we are happy to announce that this year's is very much underway and we look forward to be able to share it with you. This year the pupils from Year 7, 8 and 9 have been working their creative magic to produce content for the yearbook in their enrichment lessons led by Mr Ward. They have come up with some very good ideas. Mr Ward has also organised a Front Cover Competition for Years 6 – 13. We look forward to seeing what our students come up with. Parents will be able to pre-order their 2015 copy soon.


This term will prove to be an exciting one for members of the Baleares International College Choir, as they are busy learning a wonderful new song, Listen To Us, composed by Laurie Lewin for the Voice Round The World Choir. Their song from two years ago, Unshakeable, featured the biggest ever choir of young people, with over 3,500 voices from 42 different countries proving that music can lead the way in creating harmony, friendship, love and peace... and the BIC Choir were proud to be a part of this.
This new song will also include a dance routine, choreographed by Andrea Brenner Smith, who has already been busy teaching the young dancers their routines.
Our Mallorcan flavour will be to video the song and dance on one of our many spectacularly beautiful beaches and our only problem so far is which one we should choose!.

Newsletter (15th December - 19th December 2014)


BIC's first IGCSE drama group gave their first performance to an audience in the final week of term. Using the stimulus of a news report and poem about the 2001 Norway massacre, the group devised a powerful piece incorporating techniques such as hotseating, physical theatre and split stage. This 7 minute performance highlighted the dangers of violent computer games and ended on a positive message of love, community and togetherness. Well done year 10!


Surely one of the most famous Christmas stories ever is A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens and pupils from Years 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 spent a wonderful morning at the Municipal Theatre in Palma, enjoying a very entertaining adaptation of this classic, performed by Isla Theatre project.
Here is what Tatiana, Anthonia, Lucas and Libby had to say about the production:-
“Year 8 joined other classes from Primary to experience the spectacular, stupendous and superb production of A Christmas Carol. The characters brought a lifting feel to the audience, expressing their emotions well and impressing those watching with their amazing acting and singing. The story told of the importance of having the Christmas spirit, which old, mean Ebenezer Scrooge does too by the end of the story. We would recommend this show to all and feel that it really teaches us a valuable lesson.”


It’s always nice to do things a little differently and this year the School Principal, Mrs Diane Doherty, decided that the instrumentalists would perform in the informal setting of an end of term recital. Over twenty pupils confidently showed off their talents on the piano, violin, guitar and in singing, with the audience having a wonderful afternoon, marvelling at the ability of many of the musicians.
The programme was introduced confidently by Soraya, who is also a member of the school band and it included traditional Christmas songs, classical pieces and even Associated Board exam pieces, ready for the exam next May. The concert ended with an explosive performance from the School Band, AKA, led by Craig White, as they treated the audience to Holiday by Greenday and a Christmas mash up.


As part of the A Level Spanish programme of study, Year 12 students enjoyed an educational workshop provided by two members of “Projecte Home Balears”. This association is committed to the prevention, treatment, education and investigation of drug usage. Here are some comments from students:
“ I think this talk was really interesting and helpful as well as educational , as it taught me things I didn´t know and helped me understand. It also gave me an improved perspective on certain themes. I am thankful for this experience.” “ The talk was very informative , as it cleared a lot of doubts and questions we had. It helped me realise how dangerous it can all be. I am more aware of this topic and I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to discuss the issues of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.” By Silvia Reyero Cascallana


There are lots of exciting pre-Christmas activities taking place at the Baleares International College in Sa Porrasa, getting pupils and teachers in the right frame of mind to enjoy the holiday season.


The youngest pupils at school, from Nursery and Reception performed a selection of favourite Christmas songs to the delight of their parents, grandparents and friends, showing off their confidence and knowledge of English. Among others, they sang Ten Little Santas, The Little Drummer Boy, accompanied beautifully by the drums and tambourines, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, with a trio by Line, Olivia and Sofie. Their teachers were very pleased with them all.


A long standing tradition at school is for the children to be served with a delicious Christmas lunch, along with crackers, paper hats and Christmas music. This is made even more memorable, as the children are waited on by their teachers and they all enjoyed the food and atmosphere on this special day.


Walking around the corridors and classrooms of the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa, you only have to look at the wonderfully inventive and flamboyant displays to appreciate that there are many great artists in the school. Hidden away on the top floor is Miss Catherine Hatton in the art room and this is where many of the masterpieces are created.
Pupils studying IGCSE and A level art have been busy working on their course work projects, which contribute towards their final exam grade and Miss Hatton is very proud of some of their wonderful work. Students have used a variety of themes, including childhood, liquid, disturbed, fragrance and urban jungle for some of their paintings.

BIC Choir Live on IB3


We all know that Christmas is a very busy, hectic time of year, but for members of the Baleares International College Choir, it has been busier than ever, as they went out on the road to spread festive cheer in four wonderful concerts.
It has been a school tradition over the years to visit SAAR, the home for the elderly in Portals Nous and for many pupils this was the highlight of the choir concerts, as they sang and conjured up so many memories in the hearts of the elderly and infirm in the audience. After their beautiful singing, they distributed cards to the residents, written in different languages which many of them will certainly treasure forever.
The choir then dashed across the road to the Hotel Port Portals, where Angela and her dedicated team from Cala Nova Cancer Charity had organised a lunch to raise money for cancer. The choir once again sang confidently and were accompanied by Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael and also Erik on the piano, who stunned the audience into silence as his fingers flew over the keys in the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Over the past three years, the BIC Choir has been performing in the concerts arranged in Porto Pi and this year was no exception, as the choir turned up in full force and sang to a very appreciative audience.

Our finale to the seasonal concerts was at the Christmas Fair in Palma Nova, which was hosted throughout the weekend by our very own Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael, who did a great job organising the performers and keeping everybody entertained and happy. The Choir was part of the happy parade, led, of course, by Santa on his sleigh and the children marched through the street singing and waving on their way.

They gave a moving last performance, with the soloists performing beautifully and their music teacher, Mrs Baggaley, is really proud of all that they have done this festive season. Time once again now to recharge their batteries, ready for the New Year!


Newsletter (8th December - 12th December 2014)

BIC 6th Formers visit the SRT International University Fair

On Friday 12th December BIC 6th Form students visited Agora School in Portals to attend the annual SRT International University Fair. The students took the opportunity to explore the opportunities of studying overseas and to speak to the many admissions officers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.


In this weeks Assembly Year 5M, led by Mrs McHarg, told a modern version of the nativity. In this we saw Isabella as the angel visiting the shepherds accompanied by the Pink Panther music, the three Kings bringing baby Jesus a plasma TV, x box and iphone and the solo air guitars strumming away to the finale Rock the Manger by Queen. This had all the ingredients of a great show, with lots of humour and jokes, excellent acting and singing and was great way for the children to learn this traditional Christmas story.


Years 1 and 2 really pulled out all the stops with their wonderful nativity Whoops-a daisy Angel, performed to KS2 and their parents under the twinkling lights and stars of the transformed dining room. They sang beautifully, danced gracefully and all gave wonderful performances, enhanced by the Year 2 Angel Orchestra accompanying each song. Parents were astonished at how much their children had learnt and there were not many dry eyes in the audience as the children sang Robbie Williams Angels for their finale.

Newsletter (1st December - 5th December 2014)


The foundation stage classes and key stage 1 had a visit from Serena's English puppet theatre this week. The children were delighted to see the puppet show and especially liked taking part in their favourite story, The Hungry Caterpillar.


Pupils from Year 6B chose the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens as the theme for their wonderful Assembly, which they acted out confidently and convincingly, portraying Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation from a mean, miserable miser to a happy, generous soul. This had all the ingredients of an entertaining show, including singing, dancing and acting, with the part of Scrooge played brilliantly by Laila. They finished with an energetic dance to ghostbusters, as the three ghosts lay down defeated on the stage.


One of the most beautiful settings for a Christmas market must surely be Pueblo Espanol and the School Choir were delighted to be invited to perform there again in the light of a full moon. The pupils turned up wrapped up warm for winter and sang their hearts out in some old and new Christmas favourites, including White Christmas, Let it Go from Frozen, Rudolph and Child in a Manger.
Once again, the choir had the privilege of performing two songs with Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael, putting on their Santa hats for I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day. This is just the start of their seasonal schedule, as they will be very busy next weekend, performing at a lunch for cancer in Portals, in Porto Pi and at the Christmas market in Palma Nova. What better way to start the festive season than with children’s voices singing!

Newsletter (24th November - 28th November 2014)


Sixth form students from BIC, as well as pupils from various other schools, visited the annual University Tour Convention at Pueblo Espanol, which is aimed to give pupils an introduction to potential universities. With literally hundreds of students flocking to the place, each student could become acquainted with representatives of many universities. These establishments, who all have various sites around the globe including London, Florida, Madrid and Munich, had a number of different career options to offer, including international business, economics, fashion and design. At the moment these six formers are, hopefully, all hard studying to achieve their much needed results to reach their desired university and career.
By Martin

The enthusiastic, energetic business woman, Miss Jane Veronis visited BIC to give a talk to the sixth form about entrepreneurship. What makes a good entrepreneur? Or perhaps, "What drives a good entrepreneur?" We learnt that a successful entrepreneur like Miss Veronis needs to have drive and passion in what they do. Being an entrepreneur means there will be responsibilities and young entrepreneurs must be willing to learn from the beginning, so that they can gain confidence. She left us with a wonderful quote from her father, saying that a good entrepreneur should be able to, “Eat with the kings and dance with the peasants,” which tells us that a successful entrepreneur can adapt and change.
The school would like to thank Miss Veronis for taking the time to speak to the students and we wish her every success in her future business ventures.
By Mohit


Year 3C, along with their teacher Mrs Cortez, delighted parents, peers and teachers with a wonderful Assembly, taking us on a trip to Africa through literacy, as they acted out two African books, Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown and Goal! by Mina Javaherbin. The dining room stage looked bright and colourful, as the children had made animal masks and flamboyant African flags for their dazzling finale.
The narrators told the two stories in confident, clear voices and as Tommy the tree tipped his tasty tangerines into Handa’s empty basket, the audience had as much a surprise as Handa! The second story, Goal was a more serious tale, showing the difficulties in life for children in Africa, where even playing football can be a dangerous undertaking and we were all rightly reminded about how lucky we are with our freedom here in Mallorca. The finale was the World Cup anthem from South Africa, Waving Flag, with all the pupils enjoying singing and moving to this rousing song, which had the audiences participating, waving and clapping along too.


Year 3 decided to visit Es Burotell as it was a trip that linked well to our Science topic about "Animals including humans". Amongst other things we have covered healthy eating and at Es Burotell we got to make our own potato bread and take it home with us. It was cooked in a wood-fired oven which we enjoyed learning all about. We also got to visit the organic vegetable garden and even clean our teeth with sage from the herb garden!
The children had a wonderful time playing outdoors and visiting the animals.

One child has written:
"Es Burtell is a very nice place full of nature. It was the best day of school I´ve ever had. They had a lot of cool plants and animals. My favourite thing was baking."

Newsletter (17th November - 21st November 2014)


An important part of the curriculum and life at BIC is IT (Information Technology), which is being enjoyed by pupils from all areas of the school, thanks to the practical lessons on offer by Miss Brelade. Children in KS1 have been creating their own obstacle course and algorithms for their BeeBots, also incorporating maths, English, geography and even dancing!
KS2 have been learning algorithms and designs, working with our Mindstorm Robot, Bob, while KS3 have been enjoying robotics club using critical thinking to find solutions for algorithms for Bob.
Higher up the school, the Cambridge A level students have been employing multimedia resources and skills to create E-Books for a time capsule intended for the year 2115.
When preparing for all the sophisticated technology on offer in our world, this surely must be giving the children the best groundwork possible.


Part of the Baleares International College Choir added a new venue to their list of concerts, when they were invited by Jordi Cabrer to perform in the homely setting of the Hotel Manaus in Arenal.
The concert took place during the morning, seeing the choir arriving fresh and in good voice and they certainly did give a wonderful performance, which everyone watching thoroughly enjoyed.
Once again, their performance was greatly enhanced by Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael, in the moving songs Hallelujah and Thank You for the Music and they were confidently accompanied by the glockenspiels and Mariia playing the recorder in some songs. Mention must be made of the beautiful, confident voice of Catherina Dalmau in two of the songs and even though many of the guests were Spanish, they loved listening to the children singing in what will always be the universal language of music.


Pupils from Year 5D, along with their teacher Miss Drake and assisted by one of the parents, Mrs Clarke, transported the whole of Infant and Primary School, as well as their parents, back to the days of plunder, pillage and pilfering.
The pupils showed off their acting, singing and dancing skills as they told the story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock from How to Train Your Dragon. They enacted a Viking raid accompanied by the song I Predict a Riot, performing a frightening Viking routine and their own rap to finish the assembly. They all enjoyed their moment in the limelight, although special mention must be made of Rodi and Gabrielle, who certainly look like stars of the future.

Newsletter (10th November - 14th November 2014)


As part of the Enrichment Programme, KS3 pupils took part in a Remembrance Day Assembly, hosted from the Tower of London as a live feed to many schools nationally. Over 900,000 students from 42 different countries participated in this wonderfully moving programme for the anniversary of the First World War. The recently appointed Head of Secondary, John Birch discussed the importance of remembering and showing respect to those who sacrificed so much.
Primary pupils also had the opportunity of watching this assembly and marvelling at the awe inspiring poppy display around the Tower of London, with some children from Year 6 going on to combine their thoughts in this poignant poem.


The newly formed PTSA (Parent, Teacher and Student Association) at BIC hosted a Teacher Appreciation Lunch, which turned out to be a fantastic feast of food, enjoyed by all. Many parents worked very hard cooking, preparing and serving delicious delicacies so the teachers could enjoy a delicious lunch and know just how much they are appreciated by all. Teachers were overwhelmed by the fantastic hard work and generosity of the talented cooks in the school community, who donated different dishes reflecting the true internationality of the student body. It was a lunch of celebration of those who teach, those who learn and those who value the care given to the students every day. The different dishes certainly reflected the internationality of the student body. The teachers were also overwhelmed by the wonderful food on offer and would like to warmly thank all the parents for their generosity and care... and they can’t wait for the next one!

Education Investor Awards

On Thursday the 13th November, Kevin McNeany, founder & chairman of Orbital Education, was awarded the Outstanding Individual Contribution 'Oscar' at the Education Investor Awards in London. Read More

Newsletter (3rd November - 7th November 2014)


Pupils from Year 4B, along with their teacher Mrs Genna Bakes, demonstrated to their peers and parents the importance of living up to our goals and targets, in a wonderfully thought provoking assembly. The children acted out the story of a little boy who never gives up, also mentioning the Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes and the inspirational composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who both continued to strive to achieve their goals in spite of great setbacks. The children all held up their own written goals for this year and concluded the assembly with Queen’s anthem We Are the Champions, which, for the pupils, is to be their goal in life.


Year 5 had a great day out visiting the upside down house of Katmandu in Magalluf and then having lunch in a local Chinese restaurant, to culminate their topic work on China. At Katmandu they had a questionnaire to complete and for many pupils the highlight was the cold room where they put their hands into freezing water! In the Chinese restaurant they sampled prawn crackers, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken all eaten the traditional way with chopsticks, which many found to be fun. A great way to bring to life studies in the classroom!


Year 2 have been having lots of fun exploring measurement this week in their Maths lessons. They have enjoyed learning about area, perimeter, volume and measuring using a decimetre through practical activities.They then shared the information they recorded with their class. Who said that maths is boring?

Newsletter (20th October - 24th October 2014)


Halloween is traditionally celebrated in style at the Baleares International College in Sa Porrassa, as pupils from Nursery to Year 6 come to school dressed in their scariest Halloween costume. This year proved to be no exception, as the children delighted in frightening their friends and teachers in costumes ranging from mummies and vampires to snow queens and skeletons.

For the upper Primary students, their fun began at the school disco, organised by pupils from Year 13 and from the School Charity Group, who did a wonderful job in transforming the dining room into a dark, eerie dance hall, with the drama room in the basement becoming the horrific Horror chamber, where only the brave dared to enter! As in previous years, the costumes were amazing, with the best costume competition won by Lara for the girls and Claudio for the boys and all had a great time, dancing, playing games and enjoying Halloween.


On the 4th October 2014 the Baleares International College students participated in the Rotary Club Sponsored Walk. Weeks before the walk the students industriously tried to get as many sponsors as possible. Help was needed and the students wanted to give their best.
On the day a lot of motivated and energetic students, parents and teachers walked for a good cause. With the help of lots of amazing and great people we have managed to raise 905.01 euro. We can be proud of ourselves!

By Soraya

Newsletter (13th October - 17th October 2014)


On the 8th October at 4.15 the meeting to elect the new BIC PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) began. The meeting was called to order by June Haigh (Year 2 Form Teacher).

The aim of this meeting was to introduce the concept of the PTSA at BIC and to elect, and confirm a PTSA committee. The committee was to consist of Chairperson, Treasurer, Spokesperson and Secretary to represent the parents and work with the Head Girl and Head Boy, representing the students, and June Haigh, Year 2 Teacher, representing the staff.

It was a wonderful turn out for a first meeting and very positive.

After the initial introduction of the PTSA BIC Constitution the parents were invited to volunteer for a position on the committee. There were four volunteers for four positions. They introduced themselves and their choice of position which left nothing to be voted upon as long as those present were in agreement. From the response of those present everyone was very much in favour of them becoming the elected committee.

The positions were appointed as follows:
Chairperson – Paula Cannady
Treasurer – Alexander Skora
Spokesperson - Jane Veronis
Secretary – Ailbhe (Alva) Troubetzkoi


The Baleares International College Primary Choir, made up from pupils aged 7 to 11, certainly gave the guests at the Son Matias Beach Hotel in Palma Nova something to write home about, when they performed a selection of new and old songs for a very appreciative audience.
The Choir looked very smart in their BIC Choir shirts, being accompanied in some of the songs by the Glockenspiel Group and by Erik on the piano. The classic ballad Moon River was beautifully and emotionally performed, including a moving recorder solo by Mariia from Year 6.
Mrs Enright, the nursery teacher at school, aka Gee Carmichael, is a regular performer at the hotel and it is always a pleasure and privilege for the Choir to sing with her, with the two songs Hallelujah and Thank You for the Music having the audience waving, singing along and even shedding a few tears.
There was a collection taken at the end of the concert in support of the Macmillan Cancer Charity and due to the generosity of the audience, over 350 euros were raised. The Choir would like to thank the hotel for inviting them to perform.


Year 6X have been studying Ancient Greece, with the added bonus of a teacher, Miss Xidakis, who is actually Greek and they also pulled out all the stops in their assembly, acting out two famous Greek legends, Pandora’s Box and Theseus and the Minatour. They concluded the assembly with Greek’s Got Talent, as three judges had to choose the best god, which, of course turned out to be Zeus. They were competently accompanied by Raquel in their songs, who also demonstrated that she certainly has talent too!


On October 14th, a representative of IE University, Madam Rocha, visited BIC and informed the students of year 12 and 13 ( and some teachers), through a Power Point presentation about the wonderful opportunities that the IE University can provide. IE University is set in a specific learning environment, a personalised student centred approach to education, a series of programmes that allows students to choose their own path to the future. IE University promises an academic setting that will allow students to ‘’ have an influential voice in society’’.

Following the introduction to the university, Madam Rocha told the students that, as long as they are willing, anyone can achieve their goals if they actually believe they can. Her theory was proved via a short exercise conducted by herself and the students; it is indeed possible to achieve a goal if you want to achieve it. By Martin (Prefect)

Newsletter (6th October - 10th October 2014)


On the 10th of October there was a after school football match between students from years 11-13 against various school staff members. The match lasted for 40 minutes ending with a score of 3-1 in favour of the Students. All are now looking forward to the next event.

By Mohit (Sports Leader)


Year 3W and Mrs Walsh have been busy learning about the vast continent of Africa and their knowledge was displayed in a wonderfully entertaining Assembly, including dancing, singing, narration and acting.


The two Year 5 classes at BIC, with their teachers Mrs McHarg and Miss Blake, have been enjoying reading the wonderful children’s novel How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. The book was brought even more to life when the children celebrated their own Dragonese Day at school, dressing up in characters from the story.

Here is what Alfie, Emilio, Maddi and Gabrielle had to say about the exciting events of the day:-

“The day finally arrived and I couldn’t hide my excitement! It was Dragonese Day, where we had to dress up as a character from the book How to Train Your Dragon. When I got to school, I was surprised to see all the different Viking and dragon costumes. The class built paper longboats, which was great fun and I brushed some water on the brown paint to give it a woody effect. It was a great day, especially our wonderful party, where we ate and ate and listened to music.”


Pupils from the two Year 6 classes had a great day out in Alcudia and this is what Nora and Paula had to say about the trip:-

“Year 6X and 6B went to Alcudia to the Labyrinth, as we have been studying the Ancient Greeks. My favourite bit of the day was a game where you had to find the matching piece of the puzzle with someone else from the class. I hurt my ankle and Miss Xidakis came to find me, but she got lost in the maze and the man who worked there had to come and help me. At the end we had a surprise, as a creepy clown was following us around the Labyrinth. The trip was amazing!”


“Last week, the Baleares International College Sixth Form had their first career and university lecture of the academic year. Mrs. Lidija Grosso came in to discuss her experience as a project manager and senior consultant in the ICT business industry. Her presentation also included the role of women in the world of ICT developments and the different sectors of the industry itself. Her personal experiences, including her knowledge of finance in general, were invaluable and the question and answer session provided both the students and staff with an insight into an area of the ICT world, which many did not know about.”

by Grace Hicks (Head Girl)


It is always an exciting time when the Choir perform in public together for the first time and our singing at the Rotary Club Sponsored Walk this weekend was no exception. Many of the young singers completed either the two km or ten km walk before taking to the stage for their performance. They children looked particularly smart in their new BIC Choir shirts as they performed three songs, including Impossible accompanied by Erik on the piano, Paul McCartney’s classic The Pipes Of Peace and finally Abba’s great hit Thank You for the Music, accompanied by our very own Mrs Enright, aka Gee Carmichael, all of which received loud applause from the audience. There was also a performance by a new pupil from school, Barnabus Hamar, who had the crowd clapping and singing along to his two songs accompanied by the acoustic guitar. A great time was had by all at the walk and thanks to the organisers for including the Choir. The children will be performing again on Thursday October 16th at 5.00 pm at the Son Mathias Hotel in Palma Nova, to which everybody is welcome.


The first KS2 Class Assembly of the year was competently and confidently performed by Miss Upton’s Year 4 class, to an excited audience of peers and parents. The whole class looked splendid in their Chinese costumes, many of which have been kindly donated to the school by Andrea Brennar Smith and the late Bay Entertainers. The children sang the classic Moon River beautifully followed by the rousing Chinese New Year Song, accompanied by the cymbals finishing off by acting out the Chinese legend of the sun and moon, Yin and Yang.
These assemblies are an important part of the curriculum in Primary School, with each class working hard to perform these mini productions and learning many vital skills in the process.


The first official Assembly of the new academic year at the Baleares International College had a high level of importance, as it gave Year 13 students the opportunity to show their presentation entitled “Operation Integration.” In this, they gave their insight into what it is like to be a new student at our school and using a personal video filmed by the students, it showed how we all need to be welcoming and open and how it only needs one person to make all the difference.
The Assembly was also significant as the new prefects and the new Head Girl, Grace Hicks and Head Boy, Fabian Kraus were introduced to the students and staff. They were all presented with badges and photographed with the School Principal, Mrs Doherty, the Head of Secondary, Mr. Birch and the Head of Sixth Form, Mr. Anderson. They were all congratulated on their new appointments as they look forward to their roles and responsibilities in the new school year.


On the morning of Friday 26th September the BIC held a memorial coffee morning to remember their former Principal, Mrs Glynis Mitchell, who sadly passed away on 16th August 2014. Parents and teachers brought in some delicious cakes and all the money raised went to Cancer Charities.


An annual event at the Baleares International College in Sa Porassa is the ‘Meet and Greet’, when new parents have the opportunity to chat with teachers in an informal setting. After the heavy rain and thunder of the previous days, the evening turned out to be dry and fine, as drinks and canapés were served on the outside terrace of the school. The Principal, Mrs Diane Doherty, introduced her Deputy Principal, Mrs Shirley Beckett, the Head of Secondary, Mr John Birch and also Mrs Tracey Warner, her PA  and Registrar. Parents and teachers then enjoyed mingling and spending a pleasant evening together in the evening air.